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LEICESTERSHIRE. NEWTON LINFORD, 1677-1679, F.A. Crisp 1884, fol.
LINCOLNSHIRE. GREAT GRIMSBY, 1538-1812, G. S. Stephenson, M.D.
Great Grimsby, 1889, 8vo
HORNCASTLE, 1559-1639, Rev. J. C. Hudson
IRBY-UPON-HUMBER, 1558-1785, F. A. Crisp
STUBTON, 1577-1628, F. A. Crisp, pr.

LONDON. ALI. HALLOWs, London Wall, 1559-1675,

1892, 4to

1890, fol.

1883, fol. Jupp and

Lond. 1878, 4to

GRAY'S INN CHAPEL, Marriages, Jos. Foster, Coll: Geneal.
ST. ANTHOLIN, 1538-1754, Harl. Soc. vol. viii.

ST. BOTOLPH, Bishopsgate, 1558–1753, A. W. C. Hallen,
2 vols.
1886, 8vo

ST. CHRISTOPHER-LE-STOCKS, 1558-1781, E. Freshfield

1882, 4to

ST. DIONIS BACKCHURCHI, 1538–1754, Harl. Soc. vol. iii.
ST. EDMUND the KING (Lombard Street), Wm. Brigg, pr.
ST. GEORGE, Hanover Square, Mar. 1725-1809, Harl. Soc.
vols. xi. xiv.

ST. JAMES, Clerkenwell, Bap. and Mar. 1551-1754, Harl.
Soc. vols. ix. x. xiii.

ST. JOHN BAPTIST, on Walbrook, Bap. 1682-1754, Bur.
1686-1754, Harl. Soc. vol. viii.

ST. MARY ABBOTS, Kensington, 1539-1675, Harl. Soc.
vol. xvi.

Sr. MARY ALDERMARY, 1558-1754, Harl. Soc. vol. v.
ST. MARY WOOLCHURCH Haw. See St. Mary Woolnoth.
ST. MARY WOOLNOTH, 1538-1760, Brooke and Hallen

1886, 8vo
ST. MICHAEL, Cornhill, 1546-1754, Harl. Soc. vol. vii.
ST. NICHOLAS ACON, 1539-1812, W. Brigg, B.A.

Leeds, 1890 ST. PETER, Cornhill, Bap. and Bur. 1538-1774, Mar. 1538-1754, Harl. Soc. i. and iv.

ST.-THOMAS-THE-APOSTLE, Bap. and Bur. 1558-1754, Mar. 1558-1672, Harl. Soc. vol. vi.

SOMERSET HOUSE CHAPEL, 1714-1776, J. Coleman

1862, 8vo

WESTMINSTER ABBEY, 1606-1875, Harl. Soc. vol. x.

1887, fol.

MIDDLESEX. STAINES, 1661-1694, F. A. Crisp, pr. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. TREF EGLWYS, 1695-6, Sir T. Phillips, pr. 12mo NORFOLK. BIRCHAM NEWTON, 1562-1743, R. Howlett 1888, 8vo BURGH, 1563-1810, Rev. E. T. Yates 8vo


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MARSHAM, 1538-1836, A. T. Michell, Norwich, 1889, 8vo
NORTH ELMHAM, 1536-1631, Rev. A. G. Legge 1888, 8vo
CARBURTON, 1528-1812, G. W. Marshall, LL.D. 1888, fol.
EDWINSTOWE, 1634-1758, G. W. Marshall 1891, 8vo

PERLETHORPE, 1528-1812, G. W. Marshall 1887, fol. OXFORDSHIRE. DUCKLINGTON, Index, 1550-1880, Rev. W. D. Macray

Oxford, 1881, 8vo


BROSELEY, 1570-1750, A. F. C. C. Langley, 2 vols.
Lond. 1889-90, 8vo

SCOTLAND. MUTHILL, 1697-1847, A. W. C. Hallen

1887, 8vo

SOMERSET. WEDMORE, 1561-Bap. 1812, Mar. 1839, Bur. 1860.
WELLOW, Index, 1570-1887, C. W. Empson

1889, 8vo

WILTON, 1558-1837, J. H. Spencer Taunton, 1890, 8vo STAFFORDSHIRE. WALSALL, 1570–1649, F. W. Willmore 1890, 8vo SUFFOLK. BRUNDISH, Bap. 1562-1765, Mar. 1563-1749, Bur. 1563

1785, F. A. Crisp, pr.

CARLTON, 1538-1885, F. A. Crisp, pr.


CHILLESFORD, F. A. Crisp, pr.

CULPHO, 1721-1886, F. A. Crisp, pr.

ELLOUGH, 1540–1812, F. A. Crisp, pr.

FROSTENDEN, 1538-1791, F. A. Crisp, pr.
KELSALE, 1538-1812, F. A. Crisp, pr.
PAKENHAM, 1564-1766, F. A. Crisp, pr.
TANNINGTON, 1539–1714, F. A. Crisp, pr.
THORINGTON, 1561-1881, T. S. Hill
WANDSWORTH, 1603–1787, J. T. Squire
WINDLESHAM, Вap. 1677-1783, Mar.

1885, fol.

1886, fol.

1886, fol.

1886, fol.

1886, 8vo

1887, fol.

1887, fol.

1888, fol.

1884, fol.

Lond. 1884, 8vo

1889, 8vo 1695-1753, Bur.

1695-1783, W. W. Glanville-Richards EDBURTON, 1558-1673, Rev. C. H. Wilkie

1881, 8vo


1884, 8vo

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LEEK WOTTON, 1685-1742, Sir T. Phillips

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STOURTON, 1570-1800, Rev. J. H. Ellis, M.A., Harl. Soc.

vol. xii.


WORCESTERSHIRE. BROADWAY, Bap. and Bur. 1680-1771,


Sir T.

CALVERLEY, 1574-1720, S. Margerison, 3 vols., 1880-9,8vo
ECCLESFIELD, Bap 1599-1619, Mar. 1558-1621, Bur.

1558-1603, A. S. Gatty, F.S.A. Lond. 1878, 4to
HAWNBY, 1653-1722, Miss Thoyts Olney, 1890, 4to
HULL, God's Hospital Chapel, from 1695, Sir T. Phillips
INGLEBY GREENHOW, 1539-1800, J. Blackburne 1889,8vo
KIRKBURTON, 1541-1654, F. A. Collins Exeter, 1887, 8vo
MORLEY, see Topcliffe.



R. B. Machell
ROTHERHAM, 1542-1563, J. Guest
TOPCLIFFE and MORLEY, Bap. 1654-1830, Bur. 1654-
1888, W. Sinith

Hull, 1888, 8vo

Lond. 1888, 8vo

No. 2.-Parish Registers printed in books and periodicals.

CHESHIRE. MACCLESFIELD, 1572-1625, Par. Mag. from 1886 DERBYSHIRE. CROXALL. 1586-1812, R. Ussher, Hist. of Croxall. WEST HALLAM, Rev. C. W. Kerry,


Jour. Derby Arch. Soc.



THEYDON MOUNT, 1564-1815, J. J. Howard, LL.D. &
H. F. Burke, Theydon Mount and its Lords, &c.

GLO'STERSHIRE. HAMPNETT, Mar. 1737-1754, Glouc. Notes and
Queries, vols. i. and ii.

MAISEMORE, Bap. 1600-1663, Mar. 1557-1590, Bur. 1538-1599, Glouc. N. & Q., vol. iv.

PEBWORTH, Mar. 1595-1700, Glouc. N. & Q., vol. iv. HEREFORDSHIRE. UPTON BISHOP, Mar. 1571-1883, Rev. F. T. Havergal, Records of Upton Bishop.

LANCASHIRE. BOLTON, 1573-1712, Bolton Weekly Journal.
OLDHAM, 1558-1658, Local Notes and Gleanings.

Oldham, 1887, 8vo

PRESTON, 1611-1631, Tom C. Smith, Records of Par. Ch.

of Preston

Preston, 1892, 4to

LEICESTERSHIRE. SHACKERSTON, 1558-1630, Leic. Architec. Soc.,

vol. v.

SOMERBY,1601-1715, Leic. Architec. Soc., vol. v.

LINCOLNSHIRE. HORNCASTLE, from 1639, J. C. Hudson (see also No. 1 list), Par. Mag.


BERMONDSEY, from 1598, Genealogist, New Ser.


ST. MARY-LE-STRAND, Mar. 1605-1625, Genealogist, New
Ser. iv. and v.

NORFOLK. BURGH, 1563-1810, see No. 1 list and Norf. Archæol. Soc.


CARLTON IN LINDRICK, from 1539, Par. Mag. 1886-8. OXFORDSHIRE. DUCKLINGTON, Index 1550-1880, N. Oxford Archæol.

Soc. (see List 1)


OXFORD, CHRISTCHURCH, 1633-1884, Misc. Geneal. et
Herald: 2nd Ser., vol. i.

STAFFORDSHIRE. WEST BROMWICH, Bap. and Bur. 1608-1616, Par.



WARWICKSHIRE. BIRMINGHAM, ST. MARTIN, 1554-1653, Midland Antiquary, vol. iii. (see also List 1).

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ACKWORTH, 1558-1599, Yorks. Notes and Queries, vol. i.
BRADFORD, from 1596, Bradford Antiquary (in progress).

YORKS. BURNSALL, 1558-1740, Rev. W. J. Stavert, Par. Mag. (continued) (in progress).

DEWSBURY, 1538-1599, S. J. Chadwick, Par. Mag. 1892
EBBERSTON (and Allerston), Par, Mag. from 1887 4to
HALIFAX, 1538–1541, W. J. Walker, Registers of Halifax
1885, 4to
ROTHERHAM, 1542-1563, J. Guest, Hist. Notices of

STAVELEY, Bap. 1582-1653, Mar. 1584-1652, Bur.
1582-1638, Par, Mag.


YORK MINSTER, Bur. 1634-1836, York Archæol. Jour., vol. i., Mar. 1681-1762, vol. ii., Bap. 1686-1804, vol. vi.

No. 3.-Original Registers and Bishops' Transcripts in the British Museum Library.


BERKS. STEVENTON, 1556-1599, Harl. MS. 2395.



LEICESTERSHIRE. SOMERBY, 1601-1715, Add. MS. 24802 (see No. 1


MIDDLESEX. STAINES, Bap. and Bur. 1653-1691, Mar. 1653–1660, Egerton MS. 2004

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BOXLEY, 1585-6, 1599-1600, Add. MS. 32344.

BROOKLAND, 1615, Add. MS. 32344.

FAVERSHAM, 1730–1731, Add. MS. 32344.

RINGWOULD, 1636, Add. MS. 32344.

UPCHURCH, 1612, 1661, Add. MS. 32344.

LANCASHIRE. CHILDWALL, 1670, Add. MS. 32344.


HIGH ERCALL, 1630, 1632-4, 1636, 1663-4,
Add. MS. 32344.

STAFFORDSHIRE. BOBBINGTON, 1662-1812, Add. MS. 28738.
UTTOXETER, 1762-1766, Add. MS. 32344.

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1888, fol.

WORCESTERSHIRE. WORCESTER, Bap. 1685-1837, F. Crisp 1887, fol.


CAMBRIDGESHIRE. WISBECH, Reg. Gen. Baptist. Ch., W. Winkley 1860, 8vo

YORKSHIRE. COLEY, see Northowram.

DONCASTER, Friends, Mar. 1794-1865, C. H. Hatfield,
Hist. Not. of Donc. Series 2.

KEIGHLEY, Friends, Yorkshire Notes and Queries, vol. ii.
NORTHOWRAM, Noncon.1544-1752, J. H. Turner, 1881, 8vo.


CAMBRIDGESHIRE. THORNEY, French Colony, 1654-1727, Rev. R. H. Warner, Hist. of Thorney Abbey.


SOUTHAMPTON, Walloon Church, 1567-1779,

Huguenot Soc., vol. iv., 4to

IRELAND. DUBLIN, Huguenot Church, Hug. Soc., vol. vii., in press. KENT. CANTERBURY, French Church, Hug. Soc., vol. v., part i., 1891, part. ii. in press

DOVER, French Church, F. A. Crisp

1888, fol.

LONDON. AUSTIN FRIARS, Dutch Church, 1571-1874, W. J. C.

Moëns, F.S.A.

part ii.

Lymington, 1884, 4to

NORFOLK. NORWICH, Walloon Church, 1595-1611, Hug. Soc., vol. i.

Lymington, 1888, 4to YORKSHIRE. SANDTOFT, French Prot. Church, 1642-1685, Yorks Archæol Jour., vol. vii.


MS. Transcripts.

COLCHESTER, Dutch Church, Bap. 1645-1728, W. J. C.
Moëns, F.S.A.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. RODBOROUGH, Diss. Prot., Bap. 1762-1837.

Rev. R. H. Clutterbuck, F.S.A.

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