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May 3. John Harpham, of Water Friston, and Anne Boulton, of Castlefurth-at Castleford.

May 3. William Asie, of Kirkelley, and Margery Newmarch, of Welton-at Kirkelley.

May 3. John Ranson, of Skeffling, and Mary Hartus, of St. Mary's, Beverley-at St. Mary's.

May 3. John Hepworth and Janet Hampshire, of Emley-at Emley.

May 3. Christopher Power, of Farlington, par. Sherifhuton, and Frances Lasenby, of
Haxby-at Sherifhuton.

May 5.
William Stainton, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Dinah Warde, of St. Mary's,
Hull-at St. Mary's.

May 6. John Beane, of Kilnesey, and Elizabeth Ranson, of Skeffling at either place.

May 7. Francis Lambert, of Leedes, and Elizabeth Thomson, of Holy Trinity, King's Court, York at Holy Trinity.

May 10. Henry Johnson, of Howsam, par. Scrayingham, and Margery Langland, of St. Laurence, York, Wid.-at St. Laurence.

May 11. Reginald Stead, of Bradfeild, and Elizabeth Poure, of Almondbury, Wid.— at Almondbury.

May 11. John Pearson, of Thirkleby, par. Swyne, and Mary Cowton, of Bessingby— at Swyne.

May 12. John Haighe, of Yealand, and Suzanna Fairebanke, of Hallifax-at


May 5.
John Harrison and Anne Leake, of St. Martin's, Conistreete, York-at
St. Martin's.

May 12. John Crake, of Broughton, and Margaret Rycrofte, of Carlton-at either place.

May 12. Francis Mapples, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Averilla Starke, of Brandes. burton-at Brandesburton.

May 12. Richard Moone and Anne Berry, daughter of Thomas Berry, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity.

William Wintringham, of Skeffling, and Agnes Constable, of Owthorne,

May 12.
Wid.-at Owthorne.

May 14. Alexander Harbert, of Bishop Wilton, and Katherine Mell, of St. Laurence, York at St. Laurence. (By reason of Visitation.)

May 14. Thomas Brooke, of Adwalton, par. Birstall, and Isabella Brook, of same place at Birstall.

May 14. John Hunter, of Newland, par. Cottingham, and Anne Spicer, of Anlaby, par. Kirkelley-at Kirkelley.

May 5. To William Heles, B.A., to teach within the parish of Burnsall-in-Craven, in the Free School there.

May 5. To John Carre, literate, to receive orders from any Bishop within the Kingdom of England.

May 5. To Anthony Sawdrie, literate, to teach within the parish of Harwood.

May 6. To Richard Edge, literate, to teach at Knottingley, within the parish of Pontefracte.

May 6. To said Richard Edge, to read prayers within the chapelry of Knottingley, in the absence of Mr. Pulleyne, minister there.

May 8. To William Dawson, literate, to serve cure within the parish of Sheffeild. May 8. To William Peniston, literate, to teach within the parish of Rotheram. May 8. To John Dynnis, Clk., B.A., to serve cure within the parish of Thurne.

May 8.


To William Craven, literate, to read prayers within the church of Cantley, in the absence of John Slacke, Clk., M.A., vicar there.

May 10.

May 10.

To John Grant, B.A., to teach within the parish of West Burton.

To William Hande, literate, to teach within the parish of North Wheatley.
Thomas Browne and Ellen Adwin, of Bawtree-at Bawtree.

May 10.
May 10.
To Alexander Smyth, Clk., to serve cure within the parish of Bothamsall.
May 10. To Roger Jackson, Clk, to serve cure within the church of Babworth, in
the absence of Thomas Byshop, Clk., rector there.

May 10. To Thomas Cooper, Clk., M.A.. to serve cure within the parish of Adsall, in the absence of Edmund Mason, Clk., S. T. B., rector there.

May 11. Adolphus Speede and Katherine Thorrold, of Newarke-on-Trent—at Newarke.

May 12. To James Reade, Clk., B.A., to serve cure within the parish of Staunton, in the absence of Simon Jup, Clk., S. T. P., rector there.

May 13. Thomas Cotes, of Stoke by Newarke on Trent, and Jane Lynsdale, of St. Peter's, Nottingham, Wid.-at St. Peter's.

May 13. To Geo. Greene, Clk., M.A., to serve cure within the parish of Hicklinge, in the absence of Edmunde Bardsey, Clk., M.A., rector there.

May 13.

To Thomas Goodwin, Clk., to serve cure within the parish of Thrumpton. May 13. John Wregley, of Stanton-juxta Dale, and Isabella Purdey, of Radford-at Radford.

May 15. John Thomson, B. A., of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Anne Strangwidge, of St. Sampson's, York-at St. Sampson's.

May 19. John Graunge, of Huton Parke, par. Hippon, and Anue Thornebrough, of Rippon--at Rippon.

May 19. Oliver Atkinson, of Whitbie, and Millison Whieley, of St. Crux, York-at St. Crux.

May 20. To Christopher Bayles, deacon, to serve cure within the chapelry of Carleton.

May 21. To William Jarvice, literate, to teach within the township of Silsden, par. Kildwick.

May 21. Richard Shipley and Hester Rodes, of Mirfeild-at Mirfeild.

May 21. To Richard Rawden, literate, to exercise the office of parish clerk within the parish of Shereburne.

May 21.
Richard Fawkener, of Leedes, and Alice Cowburne, of Heddenley, par.
Leedes-at Leedes.98

May 21.

To Simon Bankes, Clk., B.A., to teach within the chapelry of Swinton, par. Wathe and Mexbrouge (sic). Also to serve cure there.

May 21. John Barge, of Humanby, and Beatrice Merrie, of Brumpton-at either place.

May 21. To John Mawde, literate, to teach in the township of Farnedale, par. Lastingham.

May 24.

May 24.

Robert Abbott, of Fetherstone, and Anne Twisleton, of Keepax-at

William Burgan and Elizabeth Waterhouse, of Wentworth, Wid.-at


May 24. Richard Pettinger, of Doncaster, Gent., and Elizabeth Renicke, of the same, Wid. at Doncaster.

May 25. To Thomas Robinson, B A., to read prayers within the church of Linton, in the absence of Henry Hoyle, Clk., rector of a mediety of the rectory of Linton.

98 Married 25 May, 1619.


May 25. George Bramley and Ellen Pickersgill, of Massam-at Massam.
May 25.
May 26.

John Favell, of Burnsall, and Anne Dawson, of Carleton-at either place.
Joseph Nightingale, of Hovingham, and Anne Warde, of same-at Hoving-

May 24. Christopher Stamper, son of Robert Stamper, and Elizabeth Ruddock, daughter of William Ruddock, of Weston-at Weston.

May 27.

Robert Massam and Suzanna Dew, of Bugthorpe-at Bugthorpe. (By reason of Visitation.)

May 27. To Nicholas Murre, literate, to read prayers within the church of Wombersley, in the absence of Robert Dobbs, Clk., vicar there.

May 27. Nicholas Hoyland and Mary Rawson, of Ecclesfeild-at Ecclesfeild.99
May 27.
William Stable. of Allerton Bywater, par. Kepax, and Agnes Rodes, of
Mirfeilde-at Mirfeilde.

[March 18, 1618. To Richard Crowe, literate, to teach within the parish of Topcliffe.1

May 29. Jeronimus Waide, of Catwick, and Agnes Harland, of Welwick, Wid.-at Welwicke.

May 31. Thomas Kendall, Clk., vicar of Frydaythorp, and Martha Hebble white, of Norton-at Norton.

May 31. Thomas Agar, of Stockton, par. Bugthorpe, and Grace Letbie, of Skirtonbecke (sic)-at Skirtonbecke.

May 31.

Caveat against licence for marriage of Robert Hill, of Hickmanwike, par. Burstall, and Elizabeth Kighley, of same, or any other woman (on behalf of Dorothy Baledon).

June 1. Brian Midleton and Jane Spanton, of Kirkedale-at Kirkedale.

June 1. William Bateson, of Spofforth, and Isabella Cave, of Otley-at Spofforth. June 3. Caveat against admission to serve cure within the chapel of Waddington, on behalf of Richard Banester, proprietor or farmer there.

June 4. Richard Midgley, of Hallifax, and Suzanna Blakey, of Heptonstall, Wid.—at either place.

June 5. Leonard Gregson, of Bradford, and Anne Ellis, of Burnsall- -at Bradford. June 7. William Bovell, of Newton, par. Wilberfosse, and Jane Mell, of Thorneton, Wid. at Wilberfosse.

June 8. William Hallilay, of Shereburn-in-Elmett, and Mary Nelson, of Montfriston

-at Shereburn.

June 9. Sequestration of the fruits of the vicarage of Hunmanby, granted to Ralph Langdale, of Snenton, gent., and Stephen Langdale, of Hunmanby, gent., to the use of the future incumbent.

June 9. Marmaduke Constable, of North Allerton, gent., and Isabella Awderson, of Stainton, Wid.-at either place.

June 9. Sir Michael Wharton, of St. John's, Beverley, and Everilda Maultby, of Cottingham, Wid.-at either place.

June 9. Stephen Brockden, of Bingley, and Jane Clay, of Hallifax-at either place. June 10. Robert Hayton, of Hatefeild, and Anne Cliffe, of Whitgifte-at either place.

June 10. Humphrey Brook, of Brandesburton, and Margaret Atmer, of St. John's, Beverley, Wid.-at either place.

June 10. Robert Clerk and Elizabeth Brabbes, of Bubwith-at Bubwith.

June 10. William Hill, of Worsop, and Elizabeth Roger, of Wales, par. Worsop-at either place. (By reason of Visitation.)

June 10. Christopher Richardson and Anne Ratliffe, of the city of York at Hemingsbrough or Bishophill.

99 Married 3 June, 1619.


June 12. Robert Hutchinson, of Holy Trinity, Gothramgate, York, and Annie Linley, of Bushophill, senior, York-at either church.

June 12. Thomas Smyth and Mary Tomlinson, of Skipwith-at Skipwith. (By reason of Visitation).

June 13. Peter Salmon, of St. Crux, York, and Dorothy Wetherell, of St. Sampson's, York at St. Sampson's.

June 14. Christopher Smith, alias Collier, and Katherine Gascoine, of Hovingham -at Kirkbie Moreside or Hovingham.

June 14. George Rosse, of Husthwaite, and Alice Waycoe, of Bridlington-at either place.

June 15. Roland Boynton, of Rothwell, and Beatrice Johnson, of Ledsham-at either place.

June 15.-Matthew Preston and Jane Jackson, of St. Mary's, Beverley.

June 15. William Ive, of Barley, and Anne Hand, of Birkin—at either place.

June 15. To Adam Manwaringe, B.A., to read prayers in the parish church of Olde Malton.

June 15. Robert Whealens, of Skipton-in-Craven, and Jane Wicliffe, of Broughton -at either place.

June 15. Thomas Bylett, of Welwicke, and Mary Wynd, of St. Hellen's, Stonegate, York (ut asseritur), at either place. ("Ex mandato Judicis.")

June 16. Robert Snowe, of Hamp-thwaite, and Katherine Baites, of Knaresborough -at either place.

June 17. William Walker, of Boulton, and Effam Walker, of Longe Preston-at Longe Preston.

June 18. To Thomas Beecrofte, literate, to teach within the parish of Sutton-inHoldernes.

June 19. Roger Cowton, of Hilderthorpe, par. Bridlington, and Elizabeth Pilkinton, of Besiugby-at Besingby.

June 19. Thomas Morley and Suzanna Bleanners, of Bingley-at Bingley.

May 9. To Ralph Betson, Clk., to teach within the parish of Alne. "De mandato Archiepiscopi." (By reason of Visitation).

June 22. John Smith, of Thorphall, par. Selby, and Jane Spofford, of St. Martin's, Conistreet, York-at St. Martin's.

June 22. John Smyth, of Brighton, par. Bubwith, and Anne Watkinson, of Hembrough-at Bubwith or Hembrough.

June 24. John Brookesbancke and Margaret Sowden, of Calverley-at Calverley. June 26. Edward Whitehead, of Calverley, and Elizabeth Lambert, of Weston, Wid. -at either place.

June 26. To Roger Ulietson, literate, to teach within the parish of Sutton-inHoldernes.

June 29. Thomas Lister and Anne Ashton, Wid., of St. Michael-le-Belfry, Yo:k – at St. Michael's. (By reason of Visitation.)

June 29. George Longbothom, of Luddingden, and Mary Hiley, of Sowerby, Hallifax.

June 29. Edmund Carr, of Gigleswick, and Janet Lambert, of Burnsall Gigleswick.


June 30. Monition against [blank] Meridith, Clk., that he administer not sacraments or sacramentals within the chapel of Bradfeild or other place within the Diocese of York, until etc.

June 30. Robert Jenkinson, of Purston, par. Fetherston, and Margaret Nowling, of Aykton, in same parish, Wid.-at Fetherstone.

July 2. Abraham Bayley, of Averam, and Elizabeth Ellis, of same-at Averam.

July 3.


Thomas Burr, of Cawood, and Elizabeth Walker, of Otteringham, Wid.—at either place.

July 3. William Dickson, of Rippon, and Ellen Hill, of Knarsbrough—at Rippon. July 5. Philip Bankes of Beford, and Jane Parkinson, of St. Helen's, Stonegate, York at St. Helen's.

July 6. Thomas Okes (?), of Worsbrough, par. Darfeild, and Jane Hanson, of Thurgoland, par. Silkeston-at Worsbrough or Thurgoland.

July 7. Marmaduke Craven, of Doncaster, and Francis Carver, of Armthrop-at

July 8. Robert Hicke and Frances White, Wi., of Nunington-at Nunington.
July 8. Francis Milnes and Alice Milnes, of Yealand-at Yealand.1

June 30. Gregory Anderson, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Anne Gorrell, of St. Mary's,
Hull-at either church.

July 3. Trustram Lister, of All Saints', Pavement, York, and Triphena Melburie, of Thorpe Bassett-at Thorpe Bassett.

July 5. To John Haslopp, Clk., to teach within the parish of Kirke Leavington. William Stable, of Leedes, and Grace Midgley, of Whitkirk - at either

June 28. place.

July 10.

Wm. Billamy and Dionisia Burd, of Skefflinge-at Skefflinge.

July 11. Anthony Hungerford, of St. Mary's, Beverley, and Isabella Gryme, of St. Laurence's, York-at either church.

July 14. Richard Haldsworth, of Hallifax, and Suzanna Haworth, of the same, Wid. at Hallifax.

July 14. To Ralph Radmell, to read prayers in Brandsburton Church in the absence of Mr. Lowson, Clk., rector there.

July 14. Richard Illing orth, of Bradford, and Sara Bentley, daughter of Anthony Bentley, of Hallifax-at either place.

July 14. Thomas Sharrow, of Topcliffe, and Elizabeth Baine, of Kirkebie Malshard -at Topcliffe.

July 14. Richard Fearnley and Grace Walker, of Leedes-at Leedes.

July 14. Robert Crowther, of Batley, and Ellen Haigh, of Tonge-at either place. July 14. Sequestration of the fruits of the vicarage of Huddersfeild granted to Robert Nettleton, of Almonbury, Gent., aud John Hurst, of Huddersfeild, yeoman, to the use of the future incumbent.

July 14. Thomas Hall and Bridget Bullasse, of Sheaffeilde-at Sheaffeilde.

July 15. To Thomas Galland, Clk., to serve cure within the parish of Pattrington. July 15. Jacobus Conway, of North Allerton, and Ellinora Crosby, of Osmotherley -at either place.

July 16. Thomas Langricke and Avice Harrison, of Owthorne-at Owthorne.
July 17. William Marshall, of Thorparch, and Mary Moyser, of Boulton Percie-at
Boulton Percie.

July 17. Robert Hareburn and Adelina Gibson, of St. Mary's, Hull-at St. Mary's. July 17. John Nesh, of Sculcotes, and Magdalen Batmanson, of Hemingbroughe (ut asseritur) at either place.

July 20. Stephen Nevison, of Arcksey, and Bridget Dughtiman, of Tankersley-at either place.

July 9. Sequestration of the fruits of the rectory of Himsworth granted to Edmund Cundie, Clk., Master of the Hospital of Himsworth, Thomas Wood, Richard Leake, and Robert Ramsden, to the use of the future incumbent.

July 9. Commission to Jerome Stockdale, Clk., M. A., preacher of the Word of God, to receive bond as to sequestration last-mentioned.

1 Married at Elland 10 July, 1619.



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