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July 18. William Prestwood and Suzanna Railston, of St. Mary's, Hull-at St. Mary's, Hull.

July 18. Christopher Wilson, of All Saints', Pavement, and Isabella Leeminge, of Wighton-at either place.

July 20. James Hartley, and Agnes Ingham, of Burnley-at Burnley.


July 20. William Barnaby, and Margery Atkinson, of Grindale, par. Bridlington -a Grindale or Bridlington.

July 22. Licence to Joseph Leigh, Clk.,

to teach children there.

of Arts, curate of Slaitburne,

July 22. John Walthall, of Campsall, and Anne Roades, of St. Michael's-le-Belfry— at either place.

July 23. Thomas Hudleston, and Isabella Andrew, of Stanley, par. Wakefeild-at Wakefeild.

July 23. James Walker,65 and Isabella Thompson, of Leedes-at Leedes.

July 25. Robert Garthom, of Elstonwicke, par. Humbleton, and Grace Maggs, of St. John's, Beverley-at St. John's, Beverley.

July 25. George Peirsey, of Overham, par. Skipsey, and Magdalane Hamliuge, of Barmeston, Wid.-at Skipsey or Barmeston.

July 27. To Michael Goodyeare, literate, to read prayers in Wath parish church, in the absence of Mr. Thomas Benson, Clk., S. T. B., vicar there.

July 27. Thomas Hebden, of Otley, and Ellena Guyer, of the same—at Otley.
July 28.
Thomas Candler, of Bridlington, and Elizabeth Westobie, of Burton
Agnes-at either p'ace.

July 28. William Crosland and Dorothy Haworthe, of Almonburie-at Almonburie.
July 28.
Richard Kirke, of Hemsley, and Dorothy Pinckeney, of Silton, par. Leake
at Leake or Silton.

July 28. Augustine Wildbore, and Anne Chadderton, of Wigin—at Wigin.
July 28. To William Morrison, deacon, to serve cure within the Chapelry of Rascall,
par. Easingwould.

July 29.

Walter Cordingley, of Birstall, and Anne Slaide, of St. Laurence, without the walls of York, Wid.-at St. Laurence.

July 29. To Robert Rayner, literate, to exercise the office of parish clerk at Dewsbury.

July 29. Thomas Abson, of Barnebrough, and Beatrice Smyth, of Marr-at either place.

July 30. To George Longe, literate, to read prayers in the parish church of Boltonon-Derne, in the absence of Mr. Rookeby, clerk, vicar there.

July 30. To William Watson, literate, to read prayers in the Chapel of Greasbrooke, par. Rotherham.

July 30. Ralph Parcivall, of Wawne, and Elizabeth Silversides, of Sutton (ut

asseritur)-at either place.

July 30. George Little, of Owthorne, and Anne Harland, of Ottringham-at either place.

July 31. Thomas Feilde, of Horton Magna. par. Bradford, and Suzanna Barstow, of Bradford- -at Bradford.

July 31. John Bamfurth, of Skircote, par. Hallifax, and Anne Wilkinson, of Ovenden, par. Hallifax, Wid.-at Hallifax.

Aug. 1. Henry Remington, clerk, rector of Lockington, and Alice Saunderson, daughter of William Saunderson, clerk, rector of Thorpe Basset-at Thorps Basset.

Aug. 1. Robert Walke, of St. Leonard's, New Malton, and Ellena Johnson, of Huntington, Wid.-at either place.

65 Married at Leeds, 24 July, 1618.


Aug. 1. Thomas Thompson, clerk, rector of Hurworth, Darham diocese, and Lovegod Gregorie, of Poppleton-at Poppleton.

Aug. 1.

To Myles Craven, clerk, to read prayers in Frickley Chapel, par. Hutton Pannell.

Aug. 3. Christopher Shaw and Isabella Conn, alias Anderson, of Filey-at Filey.
Aug. 4.
Richard Bushell,66 of Whitby, and Isabella Ellis, of St. Cuthbert's-at St.

Aug. 4. John Killingbeck, of Pontefracte, and Mary Taylor, of Kirkbie Wharfe-at either place.

Aug. 4. Peter Gatehall, of Hunsingore, and Elizabeth Scatchere (sic), of Kirkehamerton-at either place.

Aug. 4. Thomas Crashaw, M. A., of York, and Faith Tattersall, of St. Cuthbert's, York at St. Cuthbert's.

Aug. 4. John Penrose, of York, and Katherine Hardwicke, of St. Helen's, Stonegate, York-at St. Helen's.

Aug. 5. To William Turner, literate, to read prayers in the church of Barton in Fabis, co. Nott., in the absence of Mr. Hansby, Clk., rector there.

Aug. 7. Geoffrey Hastlast, 67 of Darfeilde, and Dorothy Greave, of Ealand—at either place.

Aug. 8. William Grave, of Swillington, and Elizabeth Heming vay, of Monck Friston, Wid.-at either place.

Aug. 9. George Twisleton,68 of Barley, par. Brayton, and Katherine Stapleton, of Wighell-at Wighell.

Aug. 10. John Noble, of Eberston, and Isabella Hurde, of Whitby, Wid.-at Whitby.

Aug. 10.

Thomas Sothabie of Holden, an 1 Anne Cornewell, of Southdalton, Wid.— at Southdalton.

Aug. 10.

William Bell, of North Kilvington, par. Thornton-in-Street, and Ellena Swales, of Osmotherley-at Thornton or Osmotherley. Aug. 11. Thomas Saxton,69 of Bramley, par. Leedes, and Elizabeth Wythes, of Calverley-at either place.

Aug. 11. John Mawde, of Norland, par. Hallifax, and Hester Thomas, of Heptonstall, par. Hallifax-at Hallifax.

Aug. 11. Gabriel Enerson, of Harpham, and Elizabeth Watson, of Folketon-at Folketon.

Aug. 15. Robert Goldthwaite, of Sandall Magna, and Elizabeth Sawre, of Rothwellat either place.

Aug. 15. Thomas Barnard, of Ugglebarby, par. Whitby, and Grace Carleill of Bransburton-at Ugglebarby or Bransburton.

Aug. 17. To Thomas Galland, Clk., to serve cure within the parish of Santon.

Aug. 18 Ralph Smyth, of Cottingham, and Anne Seaman, of Rowley (ut asseritur), Wid.- -at either place.

Aug. 19. John Horsell, of Kellington, and Alice Gomersall, of Birstall-at Birstall. Aug. 20. Sequestration of the fruits of the rectory of Fledborough [co. Notts.], now vacant, granted to George Orineroid, Clk., vicar of Laneham, Robert Mirfin, of East Markham, gent., and Thomas Salmon, to the use of the future incumbent ; and commission to Christopher Feildinge, Clk., to receive bond and to certify, 11 Sept. next.

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Aug. 20. Sequestration of the fruits of the vicarage of East Markham, co. Notts., granted to George Ormeroid, Clk., vicar of Laneham, Robert Mirfin, of East Markham, gent., and Thomas Salmon, of Little Markham, yeoman, to the use of the future incumbent; and commission to Christopher Feildinge, Clk., Dean of Retforde, to receive bond and to certify, Friday, 11 Sept. next.

Aug. 21. To Robert Cooper, Clk, M.A., to serve cure within the parish of Foston, in the absence of Edward Dalton, Clk., vicar there.

Ang. 25. Robert Bradley, of Marton, and Margaret Browne, of Arnecliffe, Wid.-at either place.

Aug. 26. Richard Hornecastle and Rebecca Hyde, of South Kirkeby


at South

Aug. 26. Howsley Freeman and Mary Steele, of Ecclesfeilde-at Ecclesfeilde.7"
Aug. 26. Marmaduke Masterman, of Rocliffe, par. Snaith, and Anne Deereman, of
Doncaster, Wid.-at Rocliffe, or Doncaster.

Aug. 26. Isaac Holmes, of Kighley, and Mary Bentley, of Hallifax-at either place.
Aug. 28.
To Francis Lutton, B.A., to read prayers in Topcliffe Church in the absence
of Mr. Kay, vicar there; also to teach within the parish of Topcliffe.
Aug. 28. To Hugh Sparrow, literate, to teach children within the parish of Santon.
Aug. 28. Richard Overton, son of Christopher Overton, of Easington, and Ellena
Markes, of Liland, pır. Usburne Parva-at Easington-in-Halderness, or Usburne

Aug. 28. Edmund Gininges and Margaret Burton, of Gigleswicke-at Gigleswicke.
Aug. 29. John Ramsden, of Warley, par. Hallifax, and Suzan Gawkeroger, of
Skercote, par. Hallifax-at Hallifax.

Sept. 1.

Edmund Conniers and Anne Pickersgill, of Leedes-at Leeds.71 Sept. 1. Henry Hurde, of Whitby, and Katherine Becke, of Stainegrave-at Stonegrave. Sept. 1. William Rogerson, of Harburie, and Isabella Bateley, of St. Laurence, without the walls of York (ut asseritur), Wid.—at either place.

Sept. 2. John Clayton and Jane Wadsworth, of Cawthorne-at Cawthorne.

Sept. 2. Augustine Metcalfe, of Leedes, and Grace Shepper, of Tadcaster, Wid.-at either place.

Sept. 3. George Etherington, of Pontefracte, and Elizabeth Austwicke, of Darrington -at either place.72

Sept. 4. Humphrey Wingfeild and Priscilla Fleeminge, of Wakefeild-at Wakefeild. Sept. 5. To Thos. Proctor, Clk., to read prayers in the parish church of Barwick e in Elmett, in the absence of Mr. Geo. Proctor, Clk., rector there.

Sept. 5. To George Robinson, literate, to real prayers in the chapel of Bagby, par. Kirkby Knowle, in the absence of Mr. Moore, Clk., rector there.

Sept. 5. Robert Portington and Averilla Rickhard, Wid., of Hatefeild-at Hatefeild.73 Sept. 7. Thomas Pentith, of Kirkby-super-montem, and Elizabeth Raynold, of Easingwould- at either place.

Sept. 7. Robert Goodridge and Elizabeth Hartley, of Fishlake-at Fishlake. Sept. 7. Wm. Carre, of Ecclesfeilde and Hellena Taylor, of Sherburne-at either place.74

Sept. 9. To John Ware, Clk., to serve cure within the parish of Wilberfosse.

Sept. 12. Henry Bell and Bridget Wynn, of Everingham—at Everingham.
Sept. 12.
Matthew Dish furth, of Calverley, and Elizabeth Walker, of Baildon-at
either place.

70 Married Sept. 1618.

71 Married at Leeds S Sept.

72 Married at Darrington 8 Sept. 1618.

73 Robert Portington, of Barnby, J. P. buried

there 19 Mar. 1630.

Everilla Aske, widow of

Thomas Riccard, was his second wife, and was married at Hatfield 10 Sept. 1618, buried there Nov. 1647. (J. W. C.)

74 William Carr and Ellen Whiteley married 18 Oct. 1618, at Ecclesfield.


Sept. 14. To Robert Barne, literate, to read prayers in the church of Kilnesey, in Holdernes, in the absence of Mr. Ambrose Sotheron, Clk., vicar there.

Sept. 16. Thomas Davile, of Wakefeilde, and Elizabeth Parkinson, of Eland, par. Hallifax-at Eland.75

Sept. 16. John Shipton, of Nether-Popleton, and Suzanna Beckwith, of Bushophill senior, York at either place.

Sept. 16. Nicholas Bromell, of St. Martin's, Coney Street, York, and Elizabeth Featherston, of Hunstonworth-at either place.

Sept. 16. John Bynnes and Mary Crosley, of Kirkeburton-at Kirkeburton.

Sept. 17. Christopher Cowper and Ellicia Skelton, of Wrelton, par. Middleton, in Pickeringlithe-at Middleton.

Sept. 18. Brian Petty, of Swillington, and Elizabeth Callis, alias Cooke, of Wakefeilde -at either place.

Sept. 18. William Burton and Katherine Taylor, of Rippon-at Rippon.

Sept. 21. William Whittingham, of Bracewell, and Katherine Shuttleworth, of Gisburne-at either place.

Sept. 21. To Hugh Usherwood, literate, to read prayers in Slingsby church, and to teach within the same parish.

Sept. 22. Richard Naylor, of Heptonstall, and Suzanna Hopkinson, of Hallifax—at either place.

Sept. 24. John Stevenson, Clk., curate of Healaugh, and Faith Chambers, of Thorner-at Thorner.

Sept. 24. Christopher Hartus, of Skipsey, and Mary Emerson, of Agnes-Burton at either place.

Sept. 26. To William Akeroyde, literate, to perform the office of parish clerk at Dewsbury, "durante beneplacito etc., et pendente lite."

Sept. 26. Edmund Ogden, of South Kirkbie, and Mary Grene, of Worsbrough-at either place.

Sept. 26. Miles Webster and Anne Kirbie, of Rippon-at Rippon.

Sept. 26. Robert Shan, of Medley, and Merial Bilby, of Spofforth-at either place. Sept. 28. Richard Williamson, of Kirkham, and Elizabeth Dobson, of St. Michael's, New Malton-at St. Michael's, New Malton.

Sept. 28. William Longe, of Gisbrough, and Anne Dent, of Stainton-at either place.

Sept. 28. Marmaduke Duckett and Suzanna Woodhead, of Roiston-at Roiston.
Sept. 29. Sequestration of the fruits of the rectory of Kildall granted to Michael
Yonge, of Kildall, yeoman, and Thomas Hall, of Wikeham-in-Pickering Lyeth,
yeoman, to the use of the future Incumbent; and Commission to William
Warde, Clk., preacher of the Word at Gisbrough, and Thomas Wilson, Clk.,
Dean of Cleveland, to receive bond from the said Sequestrators.

Sept. 30. Michael Annesley, of Ryder, and Margaret Wise, of Newton-Kyme-at either place.

Sept. 30. George Muschamp, of Weston, and Matilda Graves, daughter of Henry Graves, of Fewston-at either place.

Oct. 1. To James Wade, LL.B. to teach within the parish of Wombersley.

Oct. 1. Robert Dighton and Isabella Steavenson, of Skipsey-at Skipsey.

Oct. 1. Thomas Dove, of Cottingham, and Margaret Huton, of Middleton-at either place.

Oct. 1. To Thomas Baxter, literate, to read prayers within the chapelries of Flaxton and Sandhuton, par. Bossall, in the absence of Mr. Webster, Vicar there.

Oct. 3. William Thompson, of St. Cuthbert's, York, and Elizabeth Pease, of St. Hellen's, York-at either church.

75 Married 11 Oct. 1618, at Elland.



Oct. 3.


Richard Walker, of Bradford, and Elizabeth Hobson, of Whitkirk-at either place.

Oct. 4. Thomas Baxter and Grace Smyth, of Wath-at Wath.

Oct. 6. To William Arnett, literate, to read prayers in South Kilvington church, in the absence of Mr. John Bramhill, Clerk, Rector there.

Oct. 6. Edward Gell, of Holy Trinity, Gothromgate, York, and Anne Dixon, of
St. Olave's, York-at either church.

Oct. 7. William Handley and Jane Burruse, of Ecclesfeild—at Ecclesfeild.76
Oct. 9.

Edward Osburne, of Keeton, Esq., and Margaret Bellasses, daughter of Sir Thomas Bellasses, Knt., of Cuckeswould-at Cuckeswould.77

Oct. 12. John Pumroy and Alice Taylor, of Beverley-at St. Mary's, Beverley. Oct. 14. William Steade, of Laughton-in-le-Morthing, and Alice Simpson, of Rradfeild at either place.

Oct. 14.

Thomas Woodrue and Grace Smith, of Leedes-at Leedes.78

Oct. 15. Simon Wilkinson, of i urnsall, and Margery Proctor, of Conniston-at either place.

Oct. 15. John Ham, of Doncaster, and Hannah Wray, of Aston-at either place. Oct. 16. To Hugh Sparrowe, literate, to read prayers in Santon church.

Oct. 16.

Samuel Stockton, Clk., of Old Malton, and Frances Rosse, of Longe Preston -at either place.

Oct. 20. Henry Yates, of Ilkeley, and Isabella Jenkinson, of Kildwicke, Wid.—at Ilkeley.

Oct. 20. Richard Midleton, of North Duffeild, and Grace Best, of Riccall--at either place.

Oct. 21. Marmaduke Rasinge and Mary Beckwith, of Preston-in-Holdernes-at


Oct. 22.

Oct. 22.


Oct. 23.


Robert Bradford and Elizabeth Parkinson, of Dewsbury-at Dewsbury.
Edward Dent, of Kirbie-Steven, and Ellena Nicholson, of Rippon-at either

Robert Brenand and Elizabeth Browne, Wid., of Slaidburne-at Slaid

Oct. 23. To Robert Thorpe, literate, to perform the office of parish clerk of Dews burie, "durante beneplacito, &c."

Oct. 24. William Proctor, of Clapham, and Agnes Husband, of Giggleswicke-at either place.

Oct. 26. Robert Ramsdale and Ursula Planard, of Holme-in-Spaldingmore-at Holme.

Oct. 26. Sequestration of the fruits of the Vicarage of St. Ellen's, York, granted to Robert Harrison, Clk., B.A., to the use of the future Incumbent.

Oct. 27. Michael Dentt, of Medley, and Anne Wilkinson, of Rothwell-at either place.

Oct. 27. Jonas Green, of Kirkeburton, and Janet Waterhouse, of Worsbrough-at either place.

Oct. 28. John Dakins, of St. Mary's, Castlegate, York, and Grace Hall, of Siglesthorne-at either place.

Oct. 28. Ralph Hungate, of North Dalton, and Anne Remington, of Lockington-at Lockington.

Oct 28.

Robert Gamble, of St. John's, at Ousebridge end, York, and Alice Tyadale,

of Bishophill Senr., York- at either church.

G Married 11 Oct. 1618.

77 Edward Osborne, of Kiveton, was created a Baronet 13 July, 1620. He was father of the first Duke of Leeds, by his second wife. garet Bellasis, his first wife, died 7 Nov. 1624,


and was buried at Harthill. They had an only son, Edward, killed by the fall of some chimneys at the Manor at York, 31 Oct. 1638.

78 Thomas Wotherup and Grace Smith, married at Leeds, 20 Oct. 1618.

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