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Thomas Richardson, of St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York, and Elizabeth Lambe, of St. Crux, York--at either place.

Richard Stubley, of Barnsley, and Jane Wood, of Bradfield—at either place.

Thomas Wood, of Baildon, and Agnes Barrett, of Kildwick-at either place.
Robert Chapman and Elizabeth Siddall, of Bowland—at Bradford.

Stephen Hogg, of Sutton-in-Holderness, and Susan Mashley, of Routh-at either place.

Roger Featherstone and Susan Wilkinson, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity, Hull.

Christopher Croft, of St. Michael's, Spurriergate, York, and Beatrice Turner, of All Saints', Pavement, York-at either place.

Henry Hoyle and Mary Hanson, of Halifax-at Halifax.

John Saville, of St. Mary's, Castlegate, York, and Isabel Law, of Halifax-at either place.52

James Mould, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Jane Haslewood, of Collingham (? Cottingham), Wid.-at either place.

George Firth, of Elland, and Susan Whitley, of Halifax-at either place.

Richard Brashaw and Jane Darwin, of Skipton-in-Craven-at Skipton-in-Craven. John Saville, of Birstall, and Grace Smith, of Elland, Wid.-at either place. Robert Keld, of Hedon, and Agnes Harrison, of Holmpton, Wid.—at either place.


Ralph Vickirman and Frances Foster, of Flamborough-at Bempton or Flamborough. James Robinson and Mary Doughty, of Halifax-at Halifax.

Thomas Lancashire, of Manchester, and Grace Crosland, of Almondbury-at Almondbury,53

Richard Deighton, of Skipsey, and Lora Morris, of Foston-at Foston.

Michael Broadley, of Halifax, and Elizabeth Higgins, of Colne-at either place.
William Archer, of Etton, and Ann Cornwall, of Holme, Wid.-at either place.
Francis Wilton and Frances Fawcett, of Ripon, Wid.-at Ripon.

Medwin Marsden and Alice Robinson, of Featherstone-at Featherstone.

Bonaventure alias Bonne Milson, of St. Crux, York, and Dorothy Lionesse, of St. Olave's, York-at either place.

Christopher Watson, of Kirkby Overblows, and Ann Moore, of Royston—at KirkbyOverblows or Fewston (?).

John Johnson and Elizabeth Terry, of Ripon-at Ripon.

Robert Wetherell, of Eastrington, and Ann Langton, of North Cave-at North Cave. Michael Gartham, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Ruth Wilburne, of Drypool—at either place.

William Nottingham and Joan Stocks, of Ripon-at Ripon.

Thomas Simpson, of Elloughton, and Elizabeth Farley, of Rowley-at either place. Richard Simm and Mary Fairbarn, of Ripon-at Ripon.

William Musgrave, co. Cumberland, Esq., and Catherine Sherborne, of Otley-at Otley or ...

John Trott, of Scaw by (Scalby), and Ann Anlaby, of Hutton Derwent-at either place.

Second son of William Savile, of Copley, by Isabel Lacy. See Genealogist, xiii., p. 118.

53 See the "Genealogist," Vol. xii. Part 3. p. 201.


Benjamin Wade, of Addle, and Edith Shann, of Leeds-at either place.34

Richard Kellam, of Cautley, and Frances Rawlin, of Doncaster at either place. Emanuel Jefferson, of Bridlington, and Frances Simpson, of Bempton—at either place. Laurence Haslam and Ann Sneaton, of Whitby-at Whitby.

Richard White, of Coley, par. Halifax, and Hesther Stansfield, of Keighley—at Halifax, or Keighley.

John Kidd and Mary Adler, of Burton Agnes-at Burton Agnes.

Thomas Wayne, of Boynton, and Alice Currett, of Carnaby-at either place.

Ralph Tomlinson, of Manchester, and Elizabeth Hardwick, of Wakefield, Wid.—at Wakefield.

Ralph Lonsbrough, of Broxhow, par. Hackness, and Frances Collinson, of Wikeham, Wid. at Wikeham.

John Burton, of St. Mary's, Beverley, and Hesther Carleil, of Brandsburton-at Brandsburton.

Peter Richardson, of Ross, and Dorothy Carville, of Paul-at Paul.

John Sugden and Ann Thwaytes, of Wath-at Wath.

Edward Leng, of Beilby, and Ann Vaughan, of Escrick-at either place.

John Crosfield, of Methley, and Susan Ross, of Normanton-at either place.

Robert German and Elizabeth West, of Linton Wharf-at Spofforth.

Richard Jennings, of Cornbrough, and Mary Power, of Farlington-at Sheriff-

Nathaniel Wilson, of Bulmer, and Jane Akeroyd, Mexborough—at either place.
William Clarke, of Seamer, and Mary Atkinson, of Carlton, Wid.—at either place.
Richard Brighouse and Elizabeth Barcroft, of Bradford-at Bradford.
William Wrigglesworth and Alice Hodgson, Wid., of Settle-at Giggleswick.
William Taylor, of Hutton Cranswick, and Margaret Milner, of Frodingham-at

. Carlton, of Beeford, and Ann Hunter

Thomas Cannonie (?), and..

. Smith, of Swine-at Garton.

Walter Moore, of Carnaby, and Ann Bateson, of Burton Agnes-at either place. William Francis, of St. Olave's, York, and . . . Farmery, of St. Mary's, Bishophill Junr., York-at either place.

George Green and Ann Warde (?), of Swine-at Swine or Bilton.

William Foster and Jane Mercer (?) Wid., of Lastingham-at Lastingham.

William Moore, of Warter (as asserted), and Jane Hippey, of Middleton-at either place.

Richard Malthew and Ann Laxton, of Chapelry of Cropton- at Cropton.

William Godson, of Overton, and Elizabeth Consett, of St. Cuthbert's, York (as asserted) at either place.

James Storke and Ann Dixon, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity, Hull.

Henry Thompson, of Burnsall, and Jane Thompson, of Kirkby-Malham-at either place.

Thomas Flesher, of Otley, and Elizabeth Hollings, of Addle, Wid. —at either place. John Booth, of Halifax, and Judith Crosland, of [Almondburie]-at Halifax or [Almond]burie.”o


Newmarch, of Walkington, and Ellen Milner, of Beverley-at either

54 Benjamin Wade of New Grange, Mayor of Leeds, 1663. See Genealogist. xii. p. 113. Edith, daughter of Mr. John Shan, buried 2 Jan. 1652-3, at Headingley. (Thoresby Society.

Adel. Ed. G. D. Lumb, p. 40).

$5 Doctor of Physick. (Genealogist, Vol. XII., Part 3, p. 201.)


Francis Popplewell, of Misson, [co. Notts], and Margery Marsden, of Rotherhamat either place.

Samuel Whitley, of Elland, and Isabel Leeminge, of Weighton-at either place.

Roger Pinkney, of Cowick, par. Snaith, and Mary Blythman, of St. Mary's, Bishophill Senr., York-at either place.

George Oxspring and Margaret Creswick, of Sheffield at Sheffield.

Thomas Cundall, of Bishop-Monkton, and Isabel Clarke, of Kirkby-Malzeard-at either place.

William Kirkby, of Stockton, and .. Sunman, of Fulford-at Fulford.

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John Hewitt and Barbara Dumporte, of Acaster Malbis-at Acaster Malbis.
William Sitton and Susan Smith, of Arncliffe-at Arncliffe.
Robert Semor and Isabel Swift, of Wakefield-at Wakefield.

John Dickson, of Skipton, and Abigail Horsman, of Kirkby-Malzeard--at either place.
Nicholas Shercliffe and Ann Wilson, of Ecclesfield-at Ecclesfield.56

"Denis Elliott, of


and Susan Barnby, of Sherburn-at Doncaster or Sher

Nicholas Scargill, of Hornby Park, par. Adlingfleet, and Frances Hewes, of Eastrington-at either place.

William Straker, of Goulthrop [Gowthorp, par. Blacktoft], and Ann Ellott, of Skirpenbeck-at Skirpenbeck.

Eyre, of Braithwell, and Jane Turner, of Bawtry-at Braithwell or

Bawtry. William Wells, of Clifton, and Ann Topham, daughter of Anthony Topham, of Ripon -at Ripon.

Hugh Saxton, of St. Crux, York, and Frances Addingdale, of Poppleton-at

John Johnson, of Huntington, and Catherine Harrison, of Myton-on Swale-at Mytonon-Swale.

John Freeman, of Wressel, and Ellen Wright, of Blacktoft-at either place.
Leonard Fountayne, of Bolton-Canons, and Maud Mosley, of Skipton-at either place.
John Sladen, of Turpitt (?), . . . . and . . . . Smith, of Halifax-at Halifax.
John Petty, Clk., Vicar of Edston, and Elizabeth Browne, of St. Martin's, Coney
Street, York-at St. Martin's, Coney Street, York.7

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John Fishwick and Meriol Richardson alias Rickson, of Carlton-at Carlton.

John Agar, of Huntington, and Elizabeth Catterton, of St. Helen's, York—at either place.

George Bustard, of Brotherton, and . . . Loft, of Bilton-at Bilton.

Richard Speight and . . . Sparke, of Thurnscoe-at Thurnscoe.

Richard Goldsbrough, of Stainburn, par. Kirkby-Overblows, and Mary Cooke, of Middlesmore, par. Kirkby-Malzeard-at either place.

Hodgson and Dionis Lindall-at Halsham.

Robert Phillips, 58 of Wispington, [co. Lincoln], and Susan Mosley, of St. John's, Micklegate, York- at St. John's, Micklegate, York.

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Nicholas Greaves and Mary Coldwell, of Bradfield--at Bradfield or Ecclesfield.

Henry Tolson, of Bridekirk, [co. Cumberland], and Margaret Saville,59 of Wath—at Wath.

Richard Jones and Margery Strangewayes, of Kilburn-at Kilburn.

Thomas Pollard, of Bingley, and Mary Wooller, of Bradford—at either place.

William Coates, of Skipton, and Martha Nicholson, of Haworth, par. Bradford—at Haworth or Bradford.

William Wilson and Jane Pearson, of Kilburn—at Kilburn.

Richard Taylor, of Barwick-in-Elmet, and Eleanor Watson, of Tong—at either place. John Whiteside, of Sherwood, par. Kellington, and Grace Stanley, of Mexborough --at Kellington.

Thomas Jewitt and Ann Northen, of Bradford-at Bradford.

Percival Harker and Jane Kirke, of Bilsdale-at Bilsdale.

Edward Wright, of Crumwell, [co. Notts], and Jane Cudworth, of Darfield-at Darfield.

Thomas Tyas, of Bolton-on-Dearne, and Ellen Bingley, of Goulthorp at Bolton-onDearne.

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William Nixon and Elizabeth Rowbotham, of Tankersley-at Tankersley.

John Pepper, of St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York, and Frances Croft, of Burneston—at either place.

Richard Trippet and Margaret Fox, of Sheffield at Sheffield.

William Edmond, of Foston, and Elizabeth Archan, of Kenningham [Kayingham], Wid.-at Kenningham.

Matthew Sharpe, of Holy Trinity, King's Court, York, and Margaret Stockdale, of St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York-at either place.

Stephen Bushey, of St. Leonard's, New Malten, and Martha Williamson, of Acklam— at either place.

John Clayton, of High Hoyland, and Mary Barnby, daughter of Sir Charles Barnby, of Cawthorne-at either place.

June 26.60 William Sk[inner?] of St. Leonard's, New Malton, and Elizabeth Cawand of Wintringham-at either place.

June 27. William Nares and Anne Benet of Cherrie Burton-at Cherrie Burton. William Thackrey of Pontefract, and Alice Shierlocke of St. Cuthbert's, York at St. Cuthbert's.

June 29.

June 29. Thomas Parkin 61 and Margaret Askew, of Ecclesfeilde-at Ecclesfeilde. June 29. Adam Sadier and Frances Walker, of Rodwell-at Rodwell.

June 29.

James Nesse and Elizabeth Dickins, both of Friton, par. Hovingham - at Hovingham.

June 30.

Francis Bacon, of North Firribie, and Mary Leggat, of Treswell, co. Notts. -at either place.

59 Margaret, daughter and heiress of Henry Savile, of Wath-upon-Dearne, had issue six children, and was dead before 13 June, 1641, when her father made his will. Her husband was buried at Bridekirk, 30 Oct. 1663. (Hunter's South Yorkshire, II., pp. 67-68.

60 The entries for 1618, and as much of the years following as are here printed, are abstracted from the original book, now in the custody of Mr. H. A. Hudson, the Registrar of the Diocese, by whose kind permission they are now given. This volume is the only one which has escaped safely from Mr. Paver's apacity. By comparing the entries for these

two years with what has been printed before, it at once becomes evident how much has been lost. Paver only gives marriage licences, and even of these he gives but a small proportion, certainly not a fifth. Caveats against the grant of marriage licences, licences to curacies, to read prayers in parish churches, and to teach, and sequestrations on the vacancy of a living, are all passed over unnoticed. There are also a few notices relating to wills. The Archbishop at this time was Toby Matthew, who had been Bishop of Durbam.

61 Married 14 Sept. 1618.

July 1.


Towneley, of Skipton-in-Craven, and Agnes Emotte, of Colne―

at either place. July 1. John Lister and Debora Davie, of Bridlington-at Bridlington. July 2. Christopher Capper and Anne Barlow, of Sheffield at Sheffield. July 2. Thomas Rotsey and Margaret Pilkington, of Skipsey-at Skipsey. July 3. William Nunweeke, of Bracewell, and Margaret l'orter, of Burnsall-at either place.

July 4. Robert Wallocke,62 of Burnsall, and Agnes Wallocke, of Kirkebie Maloughdale at either place.

July 4. William Caley, of Boulton-in Bolland, and Elizabeth Waddington, of the Chapelry of Waddington-at either place.

July 4. David Browne, of Rippon, and Suzanna Proctor of the same - at Rippon. July 6. Peter Grange, of St. Leonard's, New Malton, and Anne West, of Langton-at either place.

July 6. Stephen Wood, of Burgh Wallis, and Katherine Cooke, of Campsall-at either place.

July 6.

Richard Goodericke, of Skelton, par. Overton, and Katherine Sonman, of Fulfurth-at Fulfurth.

July 6. Caveat against licence for marriage of Anne Snell, of Sandall Magna-on behalf of Brian Breare of the same, with whom (as he asserts) she has previously contracted matrimony.

July 8. Thomas Waslinge, of Wintringham, and Elizabeth Jackeson, of Pickeringe, Wid. at either place.

July 9. Thomas Hole, and Alice Thorpe, of Sbeffeilde-at Sheffeilde.

July 9. Richard Hayton,63 of Crosby Ravensworth, and Fortune Newby of Leedesat Leedes.

July 9. Thomas Saxton, and Elizabeth Wythes, of Leedes-at Leedes. July 10. Robert Moore, and Mary Welles, of the Chapelry of Marton, par. Swyne-at Swyne or Marton.

July 11. Robert Harrison, of Morethorp, par. South Kirby, and Anne Rishworth, of Nether Cudworth, par. Roiston-at South Kirby or Roiston.

July 11. Humphrey Headon, of Bardsey, and Isabella Hawkesworth of Leedes-at Bardsey.

July 11. Richard Barkeston, of Sherburn, and Beatrice Dickinson, of Usburne Parva-at ei her place.

July 11. William Harbart, of Foulforth, and Frances Hamond, of St. Mary's, Castlegate, York-at either place.

July 15. Robert Phillipp, and Mary Craven, of Guysley-at Guysley.

July 15. George French, of Stainton, and Dorothy Waterhouse, of Braywell, Wid. -at either place.

July 15. George Freare, of the Chapelry of Areholme, and Elizabeth Greenburie, of St. Crux, York- at either place.

July 16.

Thomas Maskew, of All Saints', Pavement, York, and Cecilea Bateson, of St. Mary's, Castlegate, York-at either place.

July 17. William Bucke, of South Dalton, and Elizabeth Hemsley, of Carnaby-at
South Dalton.

July 17. Christopher Lindall 64 now or late of Rippon (ut asseritur), and Anne
Cunnell, of Leedes-at either place, (" Emanatur de mandato Judicis.").
July 17. Robert Harrison, of Norton, and Francis West, of Peniston-at Peniston.

62 Roger Wallocke and Agnes Wallocke married at Burnsall, 4 July.

63 Richard Hayton and Fortan Cowper

married at Leeds, 25 Aug. 1618.
64 Christopher Lindall and
married at Leeds, 28 July, 1618.

Ann Cunney

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