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of his house at the corner of Far Water-lane (intended to be pulled down and transformed for the accommodation of the Quakers' Meeting House) towards Castlegate, for the widening the said lane, to make it more convenient for carriages, being the only carriage way to and from the Staith,

Sheriff in 1770-1; Tabitha, who married, 1st, Fras. Thurnham, and 2ndly, Edwd. Carbutt; and Patience, wife of John Webster. Roger Shackleton, gent., who was a Quaker, "a great Dealer in Butter," and "accounted a man of good substance," died in the parish of All Saints, Pavement, in 1760. His brother, Henry Shackleton, was appointed Deputy Sword-bearer, 12th April, 1738, and the Council ordered that he "shall have five guyneas given him out of the

Chamber immediately, as a present, he being lately returned to this city from Ireland, and, by variety of misfortunes, reduced to a distressed condition."

Abraham Shackleton, a Quaker (son of the above-named Alderman Roger Shackleton), born 27th Oct., 1696, was a schoolmaster at Ballitore, Kildare. Edmund Burke was his pupil from 1741 to 1744. By his wife, Margaret Wilkinson, he had an only son Richard, "the friend of Burke."




With Notes by the Rev. C. B. NORCLIFFE, M.A., and Others.


Kenyon Wilson, of Otterington, and Ann Metcalfe, of Kirk Leavington, Wid.-at either place.

William Topham, of Drainfield (sic), and Frances Thwaytes, of Doncaster, Wid.—at

John Halsey and Mary Burnsall, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity, Hall.
John Hargraves, of Leeds, and Sarah Wade, of Halifax-at Halifax.
Thomas Byard, of Owston, and Alice Ellis, of Adwick [-le-Street], at either place.
Richard Skelton, of Sinnington, and Ann Tippin, of Hawnby-at either place.
Ralph Butterworth, of Rochdale, and Mary Firth, of Elland—at Elland.24
John Latham, of Doncaster, and Janet Bower, of Barnsley-at either place.
John Scott, of Silkston, and Mary Aubrey, of Cawthorne-at either place.
Roger Bosville, of Bubwith, and Dorothy Bradley, of Bawtry-at Bawtry.
Robert Browne, of Bossall, and Alice Taylor, of Sutton-on-the-Forest-at Bossall.
George Whitfield, of Bagby, and Elizabeth Wilkinson, of Darrington-at Darrington.
Augustin Houghton, of Bramham, and Elizabeth Rawdon, of St. Martin's, York-at
either place.

John Marston and Judith Cookson, of Preston-in-Holderness-at Preston-in-Holder.


Matthew Sampson, of St. Mary's, Bishophill Junr., and Ann Freeman, of St. Michael's,
Spurriergate, York, Wid.-at St. Michael's, Spurriergate, York.

George Pennock and Alice Kearsley, of Guisborough-at Guisborough.
John Raper, of Pickhill, and Ann Levens or Leyming, of Ripon, Wid.-at Ripon.
John Garthwaite, of Beverley, and Jane Pickard, of Rowley-at Rowley.

Thomas Lambert and Alice Craven, of Weston-at Weston.

Humphrey Kellett and Grace Greenwood, of Bradford-at Bradford.

Robert Hewitt, of Linton, and Catherine Darwin, of Heaton-at Linton.

William Thornbury, of London, yeoman, and Ellen Ravening, of Darrington-at Darrington.

Nicholas Fairbank, of Halifax, and Judith Pighills, of Birstall-at either place. William Wilson, of St. Sampson's, York, and Margaret Pearson, of St. Olave's, Yorkat St. Olave's, York.

John Ellis and Elizabeth Tillotson, of Leeds-at Leeds.


Edward Birkbeck, of Staleybridge, [Dioc. Chester], and Barbara Kay, of Birstall—

at Birstall.

24 Married 25 Aug. 1617.

25 This should be Staveley, co. Derby. Edward


William Childers, of Clarborough, co. Notts., and Arn Webster, of Sheffield—at Sheffield.

John Watson, of Barmston, and Jane Smith, of Bempton-at Boynton.

Laurence Halton, of Gisburn, and Isabel Lanshaw, of Slaidburn-at Slaidburn.

Michael Fawcett, of Halifax, and Sarah Wade, of Luddenden-at either place.

Thomas Byron, of Norton Cuckney, [co. Notts], and Elizabeth Levesley, of
St. Martin's, Micklegate, York-at St. Martin's, Micklegate, York.26

Antony Parker and Ellen Tesdesley, of Bishop Monkton-at Bishop Monkton.
Henry Ibbotson and Elizabeth Kidd, of Linton-at Linton.

John Frankland and Sarah Dolliffe, of Snape-at Well.

Robert Markenfield, of Ripon, and Lucy Atkinson, of St. Mary's, Bishophill Senr., York at either place.

Thomas Bradford and Ann Rogerson, of Skipton-at Skipton.

Francis Jackson and Ann Killingbeck, of Leeds-at Leeds.27

Robert Hesslewood, of Acaster, and Ann Hardisty, of St. Sampson's, York—at St. Sampson's, York.

John Kitching and Grace Rishworth, of Bradford—at Bradford.

Robert Allen, of Fulford, and Jane Davy, of Saxton, Wid.-at Fulford.

George Shaw, of Armley, par. Leeds, and Dorothy Grimston, of Calverley-at Leeds or Calverley.

Leonard Sampson, of Parlington, and Ann Shillito, of Sherburn-at Aberford or Sherburn.

Edward Mottershead, of Whixley, and Ann Glover, of Topcliffe-at Topcliffe.

John Wood, of Normanton, and Jane Shirt, of St. Cuthbert's, York—at St. Cuthbert's, York.

William Turner, of Cawood, and Margaret Prince, of Rothwell—at either place. Thomas Elbeck, of Mitton, and Isabel Geldard, of Slaidburn, Wid.—at Mitton. William Burton, of Waterhey, par. Rothwell, and Ann Bromehead, of Wakefield—at Wakefield.

William Marshall, of Leeds, and Frances Lindley, of Castleford-at either place. William Blithe and Joan Bright, of Sheffield, Wid.—at Sheffield.

Francis Burrell and Elizabeth Marshall, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity



William Currer and Ellen Parker, of Bingley-at Bingley.2

William Hebden, of Kirk Deighton, and Dorothy Ellison, of Hunsingore-at Kirk Deighton.

Thomas Allenson, of Monkton, par. Ripon, and Mary Watson, of Thorpe, par. Ripon -at Ripon or Monkton.

Samuel Saville and Ann Whitehead, of Halifax-at Halifax.29

Robert Toller and Ann Oldfield, of Ilkley-at Ilkley.

John Jackson, of St. Mary's, Beverley, and Jane Rea, of Bishop Burton-at St. Mary's, Beverley.

Birkbeck, of Orton, B.D., co. Westmoreland, domestic chaplain to Lord Darcy, of Aston, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, Rector of Staveley, co. Derby, married at Staveley, July 14, 1609, Anne, daughter and heiress of William Kay, of Woodsome. She was buried there, 2 Aug., 1616. He married at Birstall, 2 Sept., 1617, as his second wife, Barbara Kay. By his first wife he had Thomas Birkbeck, Vicar of Sheffield, and Peter, Rector of Castleford. See


Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire, p. 312, and
Hunter's Hallamshire.

26 Married 28 Aug., 1617.
27 Married 9 Sept. 1617.

28 William Currer, of Skipton, buried there 27 Feb. 1643-4. Ellen, daughter of Bryan Parker, of Brousholme, buried at Skipton 8 Mar. 1643-4. See Dugdale's Visitation, p. 231. (J. W. C.)

29 Married there 28 Sept. 1617. (J. W. C.)



William Emondson, of Leeds, and Sarah Gardiner, of Pontefract at Pontefract. George Webster, of Brigsey, par. Ripon, and Anu Fawcett, of St. Martin's, Micklegate, York at Kippax or St. Martin's, Micklegate, York.

William Wilkinson and Elizabeth Helme, of Spofforth-at Spofforth.

Joshua Myer and Elizabeth Clayton, of Guiseley-at Guiseley.

Henry Northouse, of Addle, and Frances Chambers, of Collingham-at either place. Robert Serjeantson, of Kirkby-Malham, and Joan Wharfe, of Burnsall-at either place.

Laurence Coulson, of Seamer, and Elizabeth Burne, of Middleton, par, Hutton Rudby -at Seamer.

William Brayshaw, of Linton, and Alice Fletcher, of Kirkby-Malham-at either place.

Thomas Best, of Crathorne, and Ann Middleton, of Middleton, par. Hutton Rudbyat Hutton Rudby or Middleton.

Richard Senior, of Dewsbury, and Elizabeth Clayton, of Holy Trinity, Micklegate, York at either place,30

William Breres, of Preston [in] Amounderness, and Grace Whalley, of Brindle [Dioc.
Chester]-at Brindle.

Thomas Pentiffe, of Cundal, and Alice Strangewayes, of Topcliffe-at Topcliffe.
John Hebherd, Minister of Healaugh, and Grace Wadington, of Thorp-Arch-at

Thomas Clerkson, of Heck [par. Snaith], and Mary Walker, of Wragby-at Wragby. William Atkinson, of Kirkby-Overblows, and Catherine Stainburn, of Stainbirn-at either place.

Laurence Robert and Margaret Hartly, of Colne-at Colne.

William Clarke, of St. Dennis, York, and Isabel Inchbald, of Dunsforth-at either place.

Thomas Dickenson, of Gilling, and Jane Douthwaite, of Walton-at either place.

Edward Tripp, of St. John's, Beverley, and Julian Jackson, of Bishop Burton-at either place.

Christopher Mitchell, of Scabb Newton [par. Burneston], and Ann Middleton, of
St. Martin, Coney Street, York-at St. Martin, Coney Street, York. 31
Thomas Newsome, of Sessay, and Susan Fox, of Felixkirk—at Felixkirk.
John Eare and Ann Gervase, Wid., of Rotherham-at Rotherham.
Richard Woodward and Catherine Ellis, of Slaidburn-at Slaidburn.
Thomas Bailey and Judith Smith, of Calverley-at Calverley.

Ralph Crowther, of Batley, and Alice Scott, of Birstall-at either place.
Gervase Somerscale, of Barton, and Sibel Crawshaw, of Barnsley-at Barnsley.
John Johnson, of Rodwell, and Alice Hall, of Swillington-at Swillington.
John Walker, of Hunmanby, and Elizabeth Whitskell, of Folkton-at either place.
Peter Henlock, of Dunsforth, and Mary Clarke, of Helperby-at Dunsforth, Ald-
borough or Brafferton.

Thomas Cooke, of Giggleswick, and Elizabeth Geldard, of Slaidburn-at either place.
Thomas Throfte and Ann Cooke, of Barnsley-at Barnsley.

James Phillipp and Isabel Musgrave, of Bradford-at Bradford.

Robert Dudding and Ann Mitchell, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity, Hull. Richard Scholefield and Margaret Rollinson, of Wakefield—at Wakefield.

Henry Jaques, of St. Leonard's, New Malton, and Margaret Vaughan, of Sutton-onDerwent, Wid.-at Sutton-on-Derwent.

30 Married 29 Sept. 1617, at Holy Trinity.

31 Married 7 Oct. 1617.


William Dickenson and Mary Grunnell, of Halifax-at Halifax.

John Taylor, of North Dalton, and Ellen Wittie, of Gate Helmsley-at either place. Thomas Buck and Ellen Wilkinson, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity, Hull. John Rawson, of Anston, and Ursula Rawson, of Brodsworth-at either place. Edward Brigs and Ann Buck, of Spofforth-at Spofforth.

George Rhodes, of Sherburn, and Isabel Abbot, of Featherstone-at Featherstone. 33 William Weddell, of St. Mary's, Hull, and Margaret Lister, of Holy Trinity, Hull— at either place.

Brian Hodgson, of Stainburn, and Josian Lindley, of Weston-at either place.
John Lupton, of Keighley, and Margaret Fell, of Stainburn-at Stainburn.

Richard Johnson, of Wansford, and Frances Harrison, of Foston-at Nafferton or

William Riley or Reiley, of All Saints [? York], and Margaret Hartus, of St. Mary's, Hull 1-at St. Mary's, Hull.

Edmund Frodingham, of Owthorne, and Alice Little, of Bilton in Holderness-at Bilton.

Robert Key and Isabel Thornton, of Nafferton-at Nafferton.

William Wilkinson, of Sandal Magna, and Elizabeth Haddlesey, of Doncaster-at Doncaster.

Isaac Brigg and Ann Wood, of Halifax-at Halifax.

Richard Wreggan, of Kirby Grindalyth, and Margaret Oxherd, of Settrington-at either place.

Henry Cooke, of Whitby, and Jane Whitfield, of Skelton-in-Cleveland-at Skeltonin-Cleveland.

Ralph Holmes, of Gilling, and Ann Hick, of Stonegrave-at Stonegrave.

Thomas Barker and Margaret Mason, of Halsham-at Halsham.

George Hill and Alice Marsingale, of Whitby-at Whitby.

Henry Awder and Ann Hill, of Ugglebarnby, par. Whitby-at Ugglebarnby.

Peter Hardisty and Catherine Mellor, of Foston-at Foston.

John Lisle, of Arkton, 34 par. Whittingham [Dioc. Durham], and Fortune Anderson, of Felton-at Whittingham or Felton.

Gamaliel Whittaker, Clk., A. M., Vicar of Kirkburton, and Hesther Marshall, of Rodwell-at Kirkburton or Rodwell.

Edward Watterson and Ann Allenson, of Crambe - at Crambe.

Francis Roe, of Huddersfield, and Hesther Clayton, of Halifax - at Halifax.

William Sherwin, of St. Mary's, Bishophill, Senr., York, and Grace Akeroyd, of St. Martin's, Coney Street, York, Wid. -at either place. 35

Francis Parvin, of Leek, and Margaret Dale, of Topcliffe-at Topcliffe.

Robert Matthews, of Pateley Bridge, and Bridget Craven, of Guiseley-at Pateley Bridge.

Thomas Nelson, of Barwick-in-Elmet, and Alice Walton, of Castleford-at Barwickin-Elmet.

William Birtwisle, par. Leeds, and Ciare Fenton, of Barwick-in-Elmet-at Barwick-inElmet.

$2 John Rawson, of Pickburn, died 20 March, 1628-9, and Ursula, daughter and heiress of John Rawson, of Carcroft, married 10 Feb. 1617-8, at Brodsworth (Hunter's South Yorkshire, I. p. 321.)

33 Only son of George Royds, of Heaton Royds, clothier, by Janet, widow of Edmund Dobson. Will 1578. His father purchased

Lotherton Hall, added to the house, and died in 1519, leaving four daughters, all married; a younger son, Leonard and George, educated at Cambridge.

34 Possibly Acton, par. Feiton.

35 Took place 4 November, 1517, at St. Mary's, Bishophill the Elder.

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