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Arkendaill capella parochie de Knarisburgh.
A.D. 1518.

A.N. 1554
Dom. Ric. Langfellay, 2d.99

Dom. Will. Wardell, Vic' 100 . Dom. Will. Wardell, Vid ibid. p.
Thomas Wilcoxe.

John Wilkynson, exd.
Rob. Hill.

Job. Thakuray, exd.
Rob. Hebc!en.

Alexander Mawson, exd.
Thomas Forcett, exd.


Kirk Hamerton. Dom. Joannes Pallesar, Vic' . Dom. Ric. Baynbrig, curat ibid. o.'

Gard. Job. May, p.

Joh. Lasonby, o
Brianus Fuysdaill, 0.

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nothers and Sir Rauf Derelove, my brother, &c. To our Lady at the revestre dore one pare of bedes ones over Our Ladys alter of burrall [beryl) with xviij gaudes duble gylte xxx smaller gaudes parcel gylted of this condicion that they shall honor Our Lady every principall feast in the yere, and also that my executors or any of my friends after them shall indent with the Church maisters, and have an obligacion for the same beads of them condicionallie that they shall not lenne nor suffer the said beads to be borowyd or lene owte of the churche yf that yay doo yt shall be lafull for the said executors to take the beads into ther owne hands ageyne. To the four orders at York, each iijs. iiijd. Forty shillings to be dealt out to poor folks the day of my burial, and xiijs. iiijd. for one dyner for honest folkes. To Sir Richard Cundall vs. to pray for my soule. To Sir William Derelove one punst standyng pece with a covering

To Richard Derelove one nut as one harelome belonging unto this bouse, and it to be in the kepsng of his oncle the vicar of Hamstwhat. To Sir Thomas Daker, the vicar of Hamstwhat, and to Sir William Derelove xxs. each, for their labours, and they executors, and Sir John Ruddall and Sir Richard Barker, vicar of Whixley, supervisors. Goods that Margaret Genyngs hath in her keeping, * if Thomas Genyng supire her," to the behoof of her children. Residue of goods to be divided amongst my friends. Witnesses, Sir John Syssot. son, Sir Richard Cundall, Thomas

Genyngs. Pr. 30 April, 1534, by

98 Hogeson was at this time priest of the Chantry of Mary Magdalene in the Church of Knaresbrough (Surt. Soc., vol. xcii.).

99 Sir Richard Langfello, clerk, deceased, late of Arkenden, in Knaresburgh. Admon. to Percival Langfello, the brother, March 23, 1568 (see also under Staveley parish). In 1548 he was priest of the Chantry of S. John Baptist in the Church of Aldebrough (Surt. Soc., vol. xcii.).

100 William Wardyll, inst. 1546, on the resignation of Anthony Forest; patrons, Henry Gooderyk of Ribston, esq. ; on his death he was succeeded by Thomas Parke, inst. 12 Jan., 3 & 4 P. & M. ; patron, Richard Goodryke ; he appears at the Visitation of 1562.

I Richard Baynbridge died about 1556 ; his will, formerly at Richmond, cannot now be found. Robert Caldbeck, vicar of Kirkhamerton, who appears at the Visitation of 1561, made his Will 21 Aug. 1582. To be buried in the church earth at Kirkhamerton at the porche dore. To Henry Atkinson, son to Nicholas Atkinson, a mare that hath a foal, the said Nicholas keeping the

to S. Ellenne's next, and then delivering the mare to the said Henry, keeping "the fole" himself. To Ellen Atkinson my shorte gowne. To Henry Atkinson my best black dublet. To Ellison Atkinson and Allison Atkinson, her daughter, bothe my syde or long gownes. Residue to Nicholas Atkinson, executor


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Dunsforth capella parochie de Aldeburgh.

Dom. Joannes Parker, cur' p.

Dom. Joh. Parker, cur' ibid.3 ext.

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Dom. David Belle, cur' ibid. p.

Rob. Browne.

Edmundus Ketilwell.
Xpoferus Boman.
Will. Cowappe.

Witnesses, Henry Elsworthe, John Leake,
Nicholas Sherewodd, John Dicconson,
William Abbaie. Pr. 2 Oct., 1582.

2 John Watson, vicar of Mekle Usburne, Will 25 March, 1551. To be buried in the churche yearth the qwere ende. To my maister the parsone of Thorpe bassett my graye stage. To my brother Sir Robert Reidshaw my horse and my shidewode, my great chare, and two beddes in either parlore one and my bockkes. To John Rowthwait te vl. and two silver spoons, and half my sheep going at Plomton, and my mare and her folower. Randall Howden, Johne Walker of Standrope and his dau Anne, Jenkyne Walker, Three daughters of Richard Rowthwaitte, William Walker of Rombaldechurche and Robert his brother. To Robert Walker of Usburne a cowe called Sourell, Mabell Stevynsone, William Howden and his wife, Anne Walker, Maister John Carlell, Maister Goldthorpe, William Howden. Residue to my brother Syr Robertt Reidshaw, my executor. Maister deane Sir Robertt Ayrton, parsone of Goldesburghe, supervisor. Witnesses. Sir Thomas Gennett, vicar of Marton, Sir John Parker, curate at Downsforthe, Edwarde Warde. Inventory 19 April, 5 Edw. vi. (1551), by Randolph Warde, Edward Warde, John Tomlinson, John Catton. Robert Redshawe appears at the Visitation of 1562. On the 27 July, 1575, William Dickinson was instituted to the living.

3 Sir John Parker, curet of Dunsforth of ye parych of Aldburght. Body to be

William Savage, p.

Milo Heuleyk, p.

Patricius Gray, o.
Thomas Webster, p.

layd besyde my sy
ane in ye
kyrkgarth of S. Andros of Aldburght.
To ye Chappell of Dunsforth vs. To
Margaret Parker my sister in law a
young cow and to whyeth man a yow
and to hyr son yt leyrneth a lame and
to Christopher Bekar my syster sone
iijs. iiijd. and at my beryall a pound and
a halff of waxe in v paketts to borne
ower me and after to borne before ye
blyssyd sacrament. Godson Wm. Bur-
nand, Elyn Cowton, John Ynchbawd, To
Sir James Plummer my best gowyn,
Isabel Burnand, Augnes Heulayk. To
the chapel an awlbe and a Awter cloyth
and a towell of 3 yards. To Watlose
kyrke to have masse and dirige songe
ijs. iiijd. Martyn Heulayke, Jennett
Skynner my servand, John Parker of
Mynskyppe, Thomas Parker of Grafton.
Makes Syr James Plummer, Rychard
Burnand and Thomas Ynsbawd super-
visors. Residue to Edmound Parker,
Anne Parker and Margareth Parker my
brother's children, and they executors.
To Symond's son a yowe and a lame.
Witnesses, Sir James Plummer, Ryc.
Burnand, Thomas Ynsbawd, dated 24
Oct., 1558. Inventory 5 Nov., 1558, by
Ryc. Burnand, Martyn Burnand, Thomas
Ynsebawd and William Somerton. Summa
totls xviijl. xixs. viijd.-Richard Lang-
fellow, who was curate at Staveley in
1548 and of Arkendale in 1554, appears
at Dunsforth at the Visitation of 1562.

4 In 1548 David Bell, aged 48 years, appears as priest of the Chantry of Our Lady in the parish church of Topcliff.

A.D. 1548.

A.D. 1554.
Dom. Joannes Pogson, Vic' o. Dom. Joh. Pokeson, Vic' ibid. ext.
Ric, Bikerdike.

Gard. Joh. Bykerdyke.
Thomas Freman.

Joh. Tunstill, o.
W. Dicson.

Georgius Cowper, 0.
Thomas Steward.

Ric. Hill, 0.
Miles Yatis.

Joh. Randall, °.
Paulus Anderson.

Thomas Howden, p.
Randall Bykerdyke, p.

Radulphus Nicolsou, p.

Dom. Joannes Burnell,o cur' p. Dom. Johes Byrnand, cur ibid. ext.
Xpoferus Monkton.

Gard. Thomas Allenson, $.
Lion Clerke.

Thomas Penteth, p.

Inq. Ric. Newell. 5 William Barden was deprived of this owne frends to mell with hym in nothyng. living and was succeeded by John Tet. To Sir William Gray my best cape. To lowe, instituted Jan., 1580; patron, Sir Thomas Hutrods my say typpet. To John Hussey, gent. Alexander Clich? ye chappell to serve ye Lord Abbot at was instituted 24 June, 29 Eliz. (1587), Ester and the kyrke graves to have and John Emott on 24 April, 33 Eliz. ordryng of yt my best surples.

Pr. (1591).

9 May, 1541, by John Proctor, the It is quite clear that this is meant guardian, to the executor.—John Birnand for Birnand. William Clowdeslye was of Knaresborough, esq., made his will Clerk of Cundall in 1545, and John Bir- 8 Nov., 1565, printed in Surt. Soc., nand was there in 1518, when he appears vol. xxvi. - William Birnand of Alleras a witness to wills ; he made his will ton Malleverer, clerk, Will dated 20 in 1558, pr. 3 Nov, in that year. To be Nov., 1567. To be buried within or buried in the quere of Condall, gives to the under the northe church dore within the Church a read vestment and 38. 4d. to church Allerton Malleverer. To the by a patton to ye challes or a paire of common box of that Church 4s. To the basons. Sister Katherine, Brother

box of Nether Dunsfurthe Thomas' children, John my brother, where I was borne for reparinge of the Robert my brother and his wife. Residue chappell 2s. 6d. Symond Birnand my to Sir William Byrnand, Richard, Thomas, kinsman and godson and Jane his sister. Robert and John my brothers my

To Eleanor Hare, Thomas Hare's The Birnands were a numerous daughter,

cawdron and allso family. John Byrnand of Borobrygh, v marks in money whiche remaneth in preast, made his Will 7 April, 1510. To Adam Hare hand. To my Lady Ogle be buried in the kyrke garth of Sancte Master Latymer sermons. To my brother Androw the appostle at Aldburgh. To Martin Birnand my interest in my lease William Byrnand my brother one hart of a tenement in Nether Dunsforth now skyn dublet one blacke lather gyrkyn in his occupation, if he die before the and a secund pare hose. To Margaret lease expires, same to brother John Penteth my syster my schort blacke Birnand the elder, and my nephew John gown. To William Penteth my blake Birnand his son. To Mariorie Lowsonne jaket and one bonet. Augnes Hewton, my parte of hempe of this yere growinge Janet Penteth. To Thomas Porter the in the garthe and a whiteheaded oxecalfe younger one hyngare wt scawbert [hanger &c besides her wages, Elizabeth Wilkinwith scabbard], William and Martyn son, Robert Tomson the younger. RePorter. To youge John Porter my new




sidue to John Birnand brother and he To William Howton my esecutor. And my Mr. Richard Mal. portese yff he will have it. Residue of leverer of Allerton Malleverer, esquire, goods with in my chawmer and without to be supervisor. Witnesses, Lancelott my chawmer to lytyll John Byrrand Harrington, Thomas Fewsdalle. Inveuwhome I make my executor.

John tory made 3 Jan.. 1569, by Thomas Porter to have rewlyng of lityll John Ynchbald. Martyn Birnand the younger, Byrnanıl and hys goods and none of my

William Birnand and William Whincop.


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A.D. 1548.

A.D. 1554.
Dom Thomas Jenett, Vic' p. Dom. Joh. Lokkay, Vic' ibid. p.
Anthonie Swale.

Gard. Joh. Inchebald, o.
John Dicanson.

Thomas Byrdsall, $.
W. Minkton.

Leonardus Browne, o.
W. Reedman.

TU hirley. Dom. Thomas Wise," Vic' recusavit Dom. Thomas Wythes, Vic' ibid. solvere.

Rob. Barker, ibid. o.
Laurens Warde.

Gard. Thomas May, o.
Georgius Man.

Radulphus Kettlewell, o.
Rob. Aschton.

Laurencius Warde, o.
Rob. Browne.

Thomas Wilkynson, o.

Ing. Stephanus Tylsley, p.

Dom. Nine Atkynson, cur p. Dom. Xpoferus Baldersbye, cur

Georgius Skeroe.
Rob. Browne.
Rad. Scott.
Percevall Lambert.

Alverton Maliverey.
Mr. Thomas Malyveray.

curatus ibm. Dom. Joannes Hall, recusavit. Gard. Henricus Withes, $. Will. Burnell.

Georgius Thorpe, .
Joannes Plumton de Marton (Marton super Moram.)"

Dom. Joh. Plumpton, cur ibid.
Joannes Horner de Roclif.12
Ric. Browne de Disforth.

(Distffurth capella
John Wise.

parochie de Topcliff.)
Will. Keye.
Joh. Hudson.

Dom. Ric. Browne, cur' de Dis-
Joh. Hare.


ibid. p.


super Moram.

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8 July, 1557 ; patron, Richard Huchon-
son, esq. ; he appears at the Visitation of
1562.-On 30 Oct., 1568, administration
to the goods of William Maxwell, late of
Whixley, Clerk, was granted to Richard
his son. -William Atkinson, inst. 17 Feb.,
1574, and Walter Ellis, 14 Jan., 30 Eliz.

8 John Lockay, instituted 20 Nov., 6 Edw. vi. (1552), on the death of the last vicar ; patron, the King ; Let. Pat. 5 Nov., 6 Edw. vi.; he appears at the Visitation of 1562.

9 Thomas Wythes, inst. 2 Nov., 1541, on the death of Richard Knaresborough ; patrons, Peter Slingsby and Gregory May, for this turn by virtue of a grant made to them by Thos. Kent, Minister of the Monastery of S. Robert juxta Knaresborough. Peter Hartforthe, inst.

10 William Burnand, or Byrnand, priest of the Chantry of Our Lady in the Church of Allerton Mauleverer ; see his Will ante.

" He appears at the Visitation of 1562.

19 John Horner was priest of the Chantry of Our Lady in the Chapel of Roecliffe.

13 This Richard Browne had been priest of the Northumberland Chantry

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A.D. 1548.

A.D. 1554.
John Mathew.

Dom. Rob. Marshall,14 Vic' ibid.
John Branton.

except' de Jur capt Ebor! Rauf Man.

Jacobus Plummer, curi ibid.
Rob. Gilbertson, p.
Ric. Johnson, non.
Xpoferus Brigham, p.
Ric. Warde, $.
Joh. Erle, 0.
Ric. Burnand, p.
Ric. Clerk, o.

Rob. Sympson, non.

Burton Leonard.
George Ward.

Thomas Gibson.
Will. Wypten (?).

Rob. Browne, eger.
The following appear only in the Visitation of 1554:-

Capella S. Cuthberti de Gard. Will. Bowes, D.

Joh. Ovington, D.

Dom. Thomas Wilson, cur ibid. Ing. Joh. Shutt, p. .

apud Gilling, 16 Michaell Pereson, .

Gard. Joh. Welle.

Joh. Pereson. Est Cowton capella parochie

de Gilling." Gard. Cuthbertus Pepper, p.

Eccl. b. Marie de barton.
Will. Glover, o

Dom. Rob. Wisehed, cur' p.
Ing. Thomas Best, p.

Petrus Mansell, $.
Will. Sykerwham, .

Gard. Rob. Manfeld, .

Gard. Thomas Wynspere, .
Henricus Browne, .

Thomas Weysham, o. in Topcliffe Church, and at the same as Magna or East Cowton appears pretime the incumbent of the Chapel at viously. Dishforth (Surt. Soc., 'vol. xci., p. 87, 16 Thomas Wilson of Barton, clerkand vol. xcii.. pp. 479—480),

to be buried within the church of S. Cuth14 Robert Marshall was collated to the bert of Barton. To William Wilsoune 20s. living 10 Jan., 1541-2 ; on his death he To John Wilson of Mansfeld 40s., and to was succeeded by James Plumer (inst.

his son Thomas Wilson “a silver spoone 14 Oct., 1560), who had been curate and a brasse pot." Ralph Wilson, from 1542 to 1560; he died in 1569 William Wilsone and his eldest daughter, (Y. A. J. ix. 185). It will be seen that John Barker, Margaret Wilson, William at the Visitation in 1548 the clergy of Best, Agnes Simpsone. Residue Aldborough did not appear. This vicar- William Pearsone my cousin and execuage was appropriated to the Dean and Witnesses, Sir Edward Pyckeringe, Chapter of York.





clerk, Thomas Gylle, John Sadler, 15 The clergy of these chapelries are Thomas Pearsone, John Hobsone, John given under Gilling.

East Cowton is Smythe, Henrye Hobson, dated 12 Sep., apparently a mistake for South Cowton 1570, proved 26 Nov., 157–, by executors.


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