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Collected for the Inhabitants of Yarum in ye county of York £ s. d.

Ap. 16th

Coll: for ye slaves in Turkie May 21th

Collected for Halton in Yorkshire Aug 27th

Coll: for Mr Jo: Hall Merchant in Northumberland decembr

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3rd Coll: for ye Inhabitants of Welwyn in ye county of Hartford decembr 31th

Coll: for Stephen Harrison of ye city Durham Feb. 18


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Collected for the inhabitants of Ligrave in the county of

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for the refining of sugar in London July 21th 10
for the inhabitants of Bulkinton in the county of
Warwick Aug 25th.

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for the Inhabitants of Fordingbridge in the county
of Southampton March 30th 1673.

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Given by ye churchwardens to Rich: Bomford of Barnsley upon a lett of requist May 22th

(Collected) for Randal Shenton of Wixeall heath" Chisshire

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for ye inhabitants of Knaresborough 9br 23 Given to Tho: Bromehead of Bradfeild chappelry upon

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10br 15 Given to Ann Chadburne of Hemsworth by ye ch: wardens

upon req: 10br 25

(Collected) for Will: Brockall of Durham Feb. 8th


Collected for Tho: Nakring in ye county of Stafford May 31th 00 08 04 for ye sufferers near ye Theatr: Royall Jul 5th . 00 06 00 for St Katherines Hospital &c nigh ye tower in

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Collected for philip Sayl of Flaxley 12 Carr Mrch 28th

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for ye Inhabitants of Neither Wallop in Com:
Southampton Mch 28th

for Benenden Church in Kent May 23 Given to John Robinson of Wakefield May 23

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(Collected) for ye inhabitants of Watton in Norfolk July 18.

10 This was for rebuilding a sugar refinery "in Coleharbour in ye parish of Great Allhallowes" which had. been destroyed by fire. See "Walford's Church

Briefs," p. 61.

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11 I am unable to identify this place. 12 In Gloucestershire?

Given to Rebecca Law of Sandal Magna
(Collected) for ye inhabitants of Radborn 13 in Hertford 9br
for a man of Norton in ye Pish of Campsall Feb 6


Collected for Thomas Garforth of Himsworth toward building his House June ye 25 1682 the som of.

Collected for & towards the releif of Thomas Nickols & John Ellers Citizens in London novemb1 ye 26th 1682 ye sume of .

Collected for & towards ye releif of ye inhabitants of Ensham Town in ye County of Oxford Decemb1 ye 17 1682 ye sume of

£ s. d.

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Collected for & towards ye Releif of some inhabitans of pres-
ton Candever in ye County of Southampton March ye
25th 1683 ye sume of
Collected for & towards the Releif of some inhabitants in
Stoke by Clare in the County of Suffolk June ye 15th
1683 ye sume of .


Collected for ye towne of Hornbie in ye north Ridg June the 28th 1685 the sum of

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Collected for ye town of desford in Leistershire the som of

4 shillings August 12th 1685.

Collected for market deeping in Lincolnshire the 16 of August the som of 5 shilling 1685.

Collected for a letter of request the (blank) day of (blank) 1685 the sum of .

Collected for the twoun of Bullford in the Count of Willshire

of the some of 4-11 Octo 25.

Coll for ye toune of Alleviston

3s. 9d. Nov. 15.

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3 6

ye som in ye Countie of Caster ye som of

Collect for ye twoun of Barminster in ye Countie of Dorset the som 4s. 4d. dec.

Colle for the (illegible) 15 of York the som of 4 shil Jan ye 17.

Coll for ye Kirksante (?) 16 in the Counte of Cumenland the som of five sill FfebTM 7.

Coll for the town of Stanton in ye Counti of Suffolk the som of 3 shill 2 pence Mar ye 14.

Coll at Wragby for ye releef of ye poor prodestants in Franc the som of 2 pounds 2 shi.

Collected for the Releif of the Swish protestants the sume of £3 18s. 2d.

13 Is there a Radborn in Hertfordshire? There is one in Derbyshire and two in Warwickshire.

14 Alvaston in Cheshire.

15 The illegible or rather incomprehensible word here is "sikelinhad." 16 Possibly Kirkandrews.

On a small piece of paper fastened into the last page of the book are the following entries:

Collected for Bassinstoake in the County

1651 the some of 14 shillings Sd.

the 20 of Aprill

Collected for Heden in houldernesse August the eight 1650 The some

eleaven shillings


By the late SIR STEPHEN GLYNNE, Bart.




Jan. 16th, 1849.-A very large church similar in general arrangement and in style to many others of the district. It is in its external features coarse Third Pointed, but within there is some indication of earlier work. The plan is a spacious nave with aisles, and a chancel not long in proportion, but also with aisles, and a large western tower. stone work of the exterior is rather worn. The clerestory and aisles of the nave are embattled, with some modern pinnacles, and below the parapet is a corbel table which at first sight appears of First Pointed period, but which is probably late and occurs in other instances in this locality. The chancel has a tiled roof of higher pitch than the nave. The tower is massive, with large buttresses and battlement canopied at intervals, and eight small crocketed pinnacles. The belfry windows are double and each of two lights. The tower has a large portion of bare wall without any kind of ornament. On the west side is a doorway with small shafts, and over it a five-light Third Pointed window. The windows are generally rather poor, many are mutilated and have no foliations. Those in the aisles are of three lights, except those at the eastern end, which have four. The east window of the chancel is a very large one of eight lights with three transoms, but very coarse and late. The clerestory on the north side has two-light windows, those on the south are of three. On the north side of the chancel, beyond the aisle, is a vestry. The interior, though devoid of enrichment, would from its grand dimensions have a noble effect, if it were fitted with any attention to ecclesiastical propriety, but it is encumbered with pews and galleries quite to an unparalleled extent. The western part of the nave, including two bays,

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is entirely cut off and unoccupied, the huge gallery being placed forward. There are north and south galleries besides, and another most horrible one encroaching literally over the whole chancel. The nave has on each side an arcade of nine pointed arches in all, and is remarkably wide and spacious. The arches are rather narrow and the piers are clustered of four shafts with moulded capitals which may be Middle Pointed, the bases hid by a raised floor. In the western part one arch is wider with a square pier, and one arch is destroyed by the cumbrous gallery. The roof of the nave is nearly flat, panneled with ribs and bosses, with coarse angel figures with shields under the beams. The chancel arch is quite masked by the horrid gallery. It is of two bays with arches to the aisles, and clustered piers not unlike those of the nave. The square capitals, bases, and shaft responds have rather an early look. The roof is of fair pitch and open, with hammer beams, bosses and ornamental cornice, but over the sacrarium it is ceiled. The south-east window beyond the aisle is of five lights. There is daily service at 9 a.m. A large organ. In the west portion of the nave is a large open baptistery. It is be hoped that new internal arrangements may soon be made in a proper style.31


April 20, 1842.-A good church, almost entirely Third Pointed, externally of a plain kind, but with early work, and within consisting of a nave with aisles and clerestory, chancel with aisles, western tower, north and south porches. The east end of the church is on a very steep bank shelving down rapidly to the river Swale. The clerestory is embattled, but not the other parts. The north porch has fine groining, and there is a niche over the door. The tower is supposed to have been built in 1399; it has a battlement, and is divided into different stages by strings. The buttresses are at the angles, the belfry windows large. The windows vary, but are mostly Third Pointed, some set very high, the ground falling very suddenly. There are a few Middle Pointed ones.

31 1864. The chancel has been much improved, the gallery removed, stalls erected for the choir, and the organ

moved to the north aisle of the chancel. The nave is still galleried and with the ugly pews.

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