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me John Warde esqr one of the Justices of the peace within the westrydd of the county of Yorke & was sworne pish Register In witness whereoff I have sett my hand the day & year above written. Jo: Warde.

John Warde signs two marriages in 1653, one in 1654, four in 1656. John Clayton signs one in 1655, and others are signed by Ma. ffrank; nevertheless one is entered in the ordinary way on July 13th, 1654, and none are signed by a magistrate after 1657.

1654. Marye the Laydie of Sr Richard Tanckerd was Buryed the sixteenth day of ffebruarye.

1656. Urseley the daughter of Mr. Charles Tanckerd was borne Aprill 16 and Baptized 22nd.

There is a house dated R. T. 1658, in the township of Huntwick, which tradition asserts to have belonged to a family by the name of Tanqueray or Tanckerd. It is now an entrance lodge to Nostell Park.

1657. Ellinor the daughter of Edmund Brooke Minister of Wragby borne May the 23 and baptized June the second.

1657. Richard the sonne of Mr. Charles Tanckard was Baptized August the twentieth.

1657. John Robinson Smith of the Walle nouke was Buryed Januarye the eight.

1658. The ffound Child was Buryed October the nyneteenth.

After this date baptisms and not births are entered; the marriages are not signed by a magistrate, and in the following year, 1659, the King's Arms displaced those of the Parliament. All these are interesting little indications. of the state of feeling in the parish, which was evidently reverting to the old order of things, and preparing for the restoration of the King. It is also worth noticing that the cost of painting and putting up the Arms of the Parliament was sixteen shillings, while the cost of "setinge up the King's Armes and puting out the other" only amounted to one shilling. The inference which may fairly be drawn from the low cost of restoring the King's Arms is, that they were preserved in case they should again be wanted. The expression "putting out the other" is also suggestive. No sooner had things settled themselves than in (1661) the parish spent £1 13s. 10d. in "beautifying the King's

Armes," bought "two Bookes concerning the King and Queene," and a new flagon.

1660. Mistris Theodocey Hesslup was Buryed Aprill the sixteenth. 1661. Dynas Pearson was Buryed September the Seanenth.

A family by the name of Pearson once owned property in the township of Hessle. Over the door of Hessle Hall is carved "R. P. 1645."

At this place a copy of the will of Archbishop Holgate is inserted in the register, the probate of the same and a rental of land and houses in various parts. Wragby is one of the parishes greatly benefited by the Archbishop's benefactions.

It is agreed upon this day beinge the two & twentye day of Julye [16]66 by St George5 & the parishioners that little Bulman must be sent to London to be toucht for his infirmity at the Charge of the parish when it is thought to be a convenient tyme.

1666. Obitus Robert Buterworth of dragon hall parochia de Rotchdale 26 October.

After the christenings in 1667 is inserted the following memorandum:

Julye ye 7th 1695.

Memorandum yt then Henry Harrison Senior parish Clark received of the Church Wardens ye sume of twenty shillings being part of ye parish Money for which he is to pay use as long as he keeps it in his hands he hath already paid 6 pence.

1667. Obitus Sir George Wynn knight & Baronet decimo octavo Julye.

Sir George Winn purchased Nostell in 1654, and was created a baronet in 1660, as a reward for his services to the royalist cause. He was the founder of the present family of Winn of Nostell, ennobled in 1885 as Barons St. Oswald of Nostell. He lent the sum of £200 to King Charles II., from whom he received an autograph letter asking for the same. The letter was preserved as an heirloom in the family until recently, but has unfortunately been lost.

1667. Obitus William Battye of Burra in Tunstall parrish lankishir november 13.

1668. Obitus Leonardi Thornton quinto Aprill a Buckinghamshire


I.e. Sir George Winn.

A register of those who had certificates in order to their being touch't by ye King James Fish of Wragby March 10th 1673.

1672. Robert the son of Mary Footaile wch said Mary affirmed in her labour that Francis Dupthage was ye only ffather bapt

June ninth.

1672. Elizabeth ye daughter of St Edmund Winn Bart bapt Feb 23. 1673. Nicholas Lawson Gent buried Sept 24th.

1674. Mr. Bryan Sunderland and Mrs. Anne Appleyard marryed Dec. 9th

1675. Rowland the Son of St Edmund Winn Bartt Baptized July 1st. 1675. Peter the Son of Bryan Sunderland Esq Oct. 12.

1675. Elizab: the daught of George Winne Gent Buried Aug. 12. 1676. Katherine ye daughter of St Edmund Winn Bartt baptized Sept 12.

1676. Anne ye wife of Bryan Sunderland Esq Buried Jan 30th. 1677. Lawrence Benson clerk and Ann Drake Married Apr 17. 1678. Edmund the son of Sr Edmund Winn Bartt Baptized Dec 2. 1679. Thomas Moyl Gent buried Jan. 19.

1680. George the son of Sr Edmund Winn Barrt baptized Aug. 19. 1680. William Stringer de Sharston buried Nov. 21.6

1681. Peter Mason Gent & Dorothy Ascough married Sept 8. 1682. Sarah the daughter of Sir Edmund Winn baptized Januery 26. 1686. John ye son of Mr Steven Ludlum baptized Octo ye 17. 1686. Katherine ye wife of Mr John Standhoop (Stanhope?) esq buried Octo ye 10.

1687. John ye son of Mr John Norton gent baptized Julye ye 5. 1689. Mr Christopher Alured buried March ye 1.

1691. Standhoop ye son of Mr John Norton baptiz August ye 13. 1693. John ye Son of Henry Harrison Junr baptized March 31.

This last is the entry of the baptism of a man born in very humble circumstances, who by his industry and talent, not only made himself famous, but conferred a great benefit on his country. The very humble cottage at Foulby in which he lived, was standing within the memory of some of our oldest inhabitants, but every trace of it is now obliterated. It would occupy too much space to give a detailed account of his life, especially as such an account can be found in Smiles' "Men of Invention and Industry;" suffice it to say that in 1714 the government offered a reward of £20,000 to anyone who should discover a method of determining the longitude to 30 geographical miles. That reward was won by a chronometer invented by John Harrison, the son of a village carpenter, a man of little or no education. He died March 24th, 1776. His tomb in Hampstead parish churchyard was renovated in 1879 by the Clockmakers' Company.

6 See Journal, vol. xii., p. 312.

There still exist some clocks made by him entirely of wood; one is in South Kensington Museum, another is in the possession of Canon Cross, late Vicar of Appleby, in Lincolnshire, and the four chronometers made by him for the government are still preserved at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich.

1694. Sr Edmund Winne Kt & baronet buried August ye 30th. 1695. James Charter a Scotchman was buried June ye 29th. 1696. Allis ye Daughter of Jane Freeman a passenger who fell in labor at ffoleby was baptized May ye 24.

1696. Ffrances ye Wife of John Norton Gent was buried April ye 27. 1697. Mr Thomas Gouldbourne Curate of Ragby (buried) March ye 23.

In 1698 the Register is signed thus: "Tho: Greenwood Curat April ye 3th 1698."

1700. George son of John Stanhope Esq (baptized) Sep 16.
1701. Jane ye Daughter of China Mason (baptized) Mar 8.
1701. Lady Ann Winn of Nostell (buried) Jen 18.
1701. Henry Harrison Parish Clerk (buried) March 1.
1704. Lady Catherine Winn Wid Buried Novemb" the 15th.

At the end of the volume occur the following entries, interesting as recording the names of "Curates" of Wragby :-7

May the first 1679. Memorand" that there is a Rent of three shillings fourpence issueing out of certain lands lately in the possession of John Topham payable every Easter Day to the poor of the parish of Wragby wch said sume of three shillings four pence was received for the said use the day and year above written of the said Jo: Topham by me Cuthb Witham minister.

April the first 1700.

Memorandum That there is a Rent of six shillings & eight pence issuing out of a certain Parcel of Land in the Possession of Willm Pepper Wragby Payable every Easter Day to the Poor of Wragby only which said sum of six shillings eightpence was Recd of the said Willm Pepper & distributed to ye said Poor the day & Year above written By me Tho: Greenwood Curat.

These two entries appear to refer to a charity or charities of which, so far as I am aware, there is no other record. They have long been lost. The next entry evidently refers to the bequest of Thomas Beckwith before mentioned.

Decembr the 21st 1772 Memorandum That there is a Rent of three shillings & fourpence issuing out of a certain parcel of Land called Little

7 Wragby being a donative the Incumbents are frequently styled "Curate."

pickell Sir Rowlande Wins great Pighill lying on the south side & butting on the west end of it & now in the possession of Thomas Topham of Wragby payable every St Thomas Day to the poor of Wragby only which said sum of three shillings & fourpence was receiv'd of the said Thomas Topham & distributed to the said poor the day &year above written per me John Hunter Cur: Ibd.

The following is a list of the Collections on Briefs to be found in this volume in different places. They are arranged here in order for the sake of convenience. The following are entered under the date of:


Collected for Mr W. Ingland

Collected for the Church of (illegible) in the County of Salop
Collected for Greenehamerton Feb' first 1662

Collected for Hexham in the County of Northumberland June
the fourteenth 1663

Collected for Sandwell or Shadwell November 22 63


Collected for great Grymsby March 27 64
Collected for Grantham June the fifth 64
Collected for Tynemouth August 21 64
Collected for Edward Christian Grantham

28 64.

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6 2


Collected for Poolle in Montgomery June 23 1667 the some of


Collected for the Inhabitants of Brocton in the County of
Stafford May 1st

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6 9

00 07 04

Collected for Meole Bran in the county of Salop May 22th 00 07 06
Collected for Georg Williams of Rampton in ye county of
Cambridge Octobr 30th.

Collected for ye

Inhabitants of Isleham in ye county of Cam

bridge Novembr 6th

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00 04 00

00 05 06

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Collected for ye Inhabitants of Wolsingham in ye county of
Durham Feb 12th

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Given by the churchward: upon a let of request for Knares

borough Feb 13

for Barth Flower of New Mill: dame upon a let of request.


Given by ye churchwardens upon a letter of request to Michael
Wheelwright of Ossett (Dewsbury pish) Ap. 23th

8 I am unable to identify this place.

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