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Robert Anstruther, of London, Knt., and Mary Swift, da. of Robert Swift, of Doncaster, Knt.-at Doncaster (?).

Matthew Warmouth, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Alice Burnet, of Drypool-at either place.

John Thorne and Frances Wood, of St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York-at St. Michael'sle-Belfry, York.

Nicholas Ellis, of Elland, and Grace Stancliffe, of Halifax-at either place.
Richard Waring, of Hemsworth, and Ann Rawson, of Silkstone-at either place.
William Tyas, of Almondbury, and Elizabeth Gillott, of Barn-ley-at Almondbury.
Alan Peirson, of Topcliffe, and Jane Hill, of Fewston—at either place.

Robert Payne, of Bingham (co. Notts.), and Margaret Sudley of Saxendale (co. Notts.) -at either place.

John Pickles and Jane Whitley, of Elland-at Elland.

William Binks, of Royston, and Barbara Aubrey, of Cawthorne-at Cawthorne.

Thomas Firburn, of Hampsthwaite, and Alice Waddington, of St. Helen's, York- at St. Helen's, York.

John Royds, of Leeds, and Elizabeth Wilson, of Bingley, at either place.

Richard Leake, of Leeds, and Elizabeth Fenton, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at either place.

William Phillipp, of Sutton-on-the-Forest, and Ann Saunderson, of Strensall, Wid.— at either place.

John Brooke, of Huddersfield, and Joan Firth, of Elland—at either place.

Ralph Rogers, of Marsk, and Jane Lake, of Ingleby-at Marsk.
Thomas Johnson and Susan Gregson, of Burnsall—at Burnsall.

Joshua Holroyd and Judith Woosman? of Rochdale-at Elland.

William Skelton, of Sheffield, and Cecily Fenton, of Leeds-at Sheffield.

Robert Mainprice, of York, and Elizabeth Stones, of Shipley-at Shipley.

John Birdsall, of Cottingham, and Frances Lawrence, of North Ferriby-at North Ferriby.

Edmund Walker and Elizabeth Hoyle, of Huddersfield-at Huddersfield.

John Goodyear, of Hemsworth, and Emott Rideall, of Ackworth-at either place.

John Dunch and Isabel North, of Cawood-at Cawood.

Robert Smithson,7 of Snaith, and Mercy Wilson, of Leeds-at Leeda.

Robert Lowson,8 of Monk Frystone, and Margaret Slater, of All Saints, Pavement, York at All Saints, Pavement, York.

William Cooke, of Whitby, and Elizabeth Allenson (?) of Scarborough-at Scarborough.

William Stephenson, of Whitgift, and Dorothy Eastoft of Eastoft-at Whitgift. Robert Parkinson and Isabel Haworth, of Waddington par. of Mitton-at either place.

[kobert Anstruther and Mary Swift). Took place 22 April, 1617. Knighted 3 February, 1614-5. Ambassador to Denmark. Hunter's South Yorkshire, I. pp. 55, 205.

[Thomas Fairburn and Alice Washington]. Took place 26 April, 1617, at St. Helen's, York.

[John Goodyear] of Hemsworth.

7 [Robert Smithson and Mary Wilson). Took place at Leeds, 6 May, 1617.

[Robert Lowson and Margaret Slater]. Took place 5 May, 1617. He is called William.


Christopher Humberston, of North Ferriby, and Joan Lockwood, of St. Mary's, Hull -at either place.

Nicholas Thorndike,' dioc. of Lincoln, gen., and Mary Moseley, of St. John's, Micklegate, York at St. John's, Micklegate, York.

Henry Silling, of Ledsham, and Mary Leake, of Ledston, par. Ledsham--at Ledsham.
Thomas Butterfield, of Horton, and Cecily Sutton, of Bolton-at either place.

Henry Parker, of Kilburn, and Alice Pulleyne, of Hawnby-at Hawnby.
William Rawden, 10 of Cawood, and Isabel Rayner, of Wistow-at either place.
William Legg and Josuam (sic) Sneaton, of Acklam-at Acklam.
John Hartley and Elizabeth Hebden, of Ripon--at Ripon.
Humphry Moore and Ann Moore, of Rothwell-at Rothwell.
John Middleton and Elizabeth Hardy, of Crake—at Crake.

Thomas Hardcastle, of Pateley Bridge, and Mary Bayne, of Hampsthwaite-at either place.

Leonard Outhwaite, of Ingleby-Arncliffe, and Jane Belt, of Sigston, Wid.-at either place.

Richard Settle and Frances Shann, of Barwick-in-Elmet-at Barwick-in-Elmet.

James Jefferson, of Scarborough, and Margaret Hodgson, of Lastingham-at Lasting ham.

Thomas Fairfax," of Hutton Cranswick, and Alice Bird, of Wetwang-at either place. Samuel Norfolk and Elizabeth Horne, of Hemsworth.

Thomas Armitstead,12 of Bracewell, and Margaret Fisher, of Rilstone (?) or Horton-at


Henry Robinson, of Giggleswick, and Margaret Green, of Horton-at either place. Henry Potter, of Tankersley, and Elizabeth Brooke, of Huddersfield-at Huddersfield. Thomas Warde, of Cawood, and Elizabeth Warde, of Wistow-at Cawood.

John Blamires and Grace Jackson, of Bradford - at Bradford.

John Waterhouse and Sarah Pighills, of Halifax-at Halifax.

Philip Fairchild, of Wheldrake, and Susan Herbert (?) of Skipwith-at either place. William Raynes and Agnes Parkin,13 of Aldborough—at Aldborough.

Thomas Browne, Clk. A.M., rector of Keighley, and Elizabeth Gascoigne, of Rascall (? Raskelf)-at Rascall.

Thomas Strutt, of St. Saviour's, York, and Ellen More, of Beckingham-at Beckingham (co. Notts.).

John Bilcliffe and Jane Thompson, of St. Helen's, Stonegate, York--at St. Helen's, Stonegate, York.

Josiah Lambert, 14 of Calton, Esq. and Ann Pigott, of Gisburn-at Kirkby-Malham or Gisburn.

[Nicholas Thorndike and Mary Moseley]. Took place May, 1617. St. John's.

10 [William Rawden and Isabel Rayner] of Wistow, not Wertow.

11 [Thomas Fairfax of Hutton Cranswick, and Alice Bird of Wetwang.]

12 [Thomas Armitstead of Bracewell, and

Margaret Fisher of Rilston? or Horton]. There is no such place as Hearson.

13 [William Raynes and Agnes Parkin]. Took place 22 May, 1617. Aldburgh, E. R. Y.

14 [Josiah Lambert, Esq. and Ann Pigott.] They were not married at Kirkby Malham, but she was buried there, 25 July, 1643. He


William Waite and Bridget Allan, of Fishlake-at Fishlake.

Edward Todd,15 A.M., Rector of St. Nicholas alias Holmechurch, and Mary Nelson, of Welwick-at Welwick.

James Bright, of Sheffield, and Jane Wadsworth, of Sprotborough-at Sprotborough. Thomas Twisleton, of Ledsham, and Ann Bolton, of Brotherton-at Ledsham. James Stead, 16 of Weston, and Frances Mayner, of Baildon-at Weston.

William Birch and Alice Thompson, of Kirk-Deighton-at Kirk-Deighton.

Thomas Bradford, of Bradford, co. Northumberland, and Jane Carr, of Kirby-Over-Car -at Kirby-Over-Car.

Thomas Watson, of Kirk-Bramwith, and Margaret Cooke, of Doncaster at either place.

Matthew Ellis, of Knaresborough, and Elizabeth Pickering, of Drax-at Drax.

Richard Moore,1 of Carlton, and Elizabeth Booth, of St. Martin's, Coney Street, York (as asserted)—at St. Martin's, Coney Street, York.

Lionel Buckle (?) and Elizabeth Thomas, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity,

Henry Coombe, of Ecclesfield, and Margaret Lindley, of Thribergh-at Thribergh.
John Wintringham, of Skeffling, and Susan Colman, of Preston-at either place.
Gervase Smith, of Mawthrop (sic), and Jane Field, of Ardislawe (sic)—at Ardislawe.
Christopher Jackson, of Dewsbury, and Isabel Roberts, of Rothwell-at either place.
Piers Legh, 18 of Lyme, co. Lanc., and Ann Saville, of Kippax—at Kippax.
George Varley and Alice Slater, of Halifax-at Halifax.

Thomas Foster and Agnes Cockhead, of Giggleswick—at Giggleswick.

Timothy Paget, of Skirpenbeck, and Margaret Dodson, of St. Sampson's, York-at either place.

Christopher Withes and Susan Wilson, 19 of Leeds-at Leeds.

John Hatfield and Elizabeth Bright, of Sheffield-at Sheffield.
John Booth and Ann Dakins, of Filey-at Filey.

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Richard Wilkinson, of Clapham, and Margaret Foster, of Luddington-at Luddington. Henry Newton,20 of Riccall, and Ann Stagge, of St. Mary's, Bishophill Senr., either place.

Richard Dunn and Elizabeth Wilson, of Gembling-at Foston.


Richard Scott, of Wilberfoss, and Mary Newlove, of Millington-at Wilberfoss.


was born 1554, buried 5 Sept. 1632, at Kirkby Malham. Their son John, baptized Sept. 1619 [Whitaker says November], was celebrated Major-General, Commander for the Parliament, who married 10 Sept. 1640, Frances, daughter of Sir William Lister, Knight, and died in exile at Guernsey about 1688. [Whitaker's Craven, 1812, p. 197.]

15 [Edward Todd and Mary Nelson]. He was instituted Rector of St. Nicholas, Beverley, 18 March, 1616-7, and baptized a son Timothy, 19 April, 1618, at St. John's, Beverley.

16 [James Stead and Frances Mayner]. Took place 3 June, 1617, at St. Crux, York.

17 [Richard Moore and Elizabeth Booth). Took place 10 June, 1617.

18 [Piers Legh and Ann Saville]. Eldest son

of Sir Peter Legh, of Lyme, Cheshire, by his first wife, Margaret, daughter of Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Knight, Master of the Rolls. He was born about 1589, was at Magdalen College, Cambridge, 1611-1615, and died soon after 24 September, 1642. She was daughter of Sir John Savile of Howley, co. York, created 21 July, 1628, Baron Savile, by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edward Carey, Knight. Beamont's History of the House of Lyme, 1876, pp. 134139. They were not married at Kappax.

19 [Christopher Withes and Susan Wilson]. Took place 13 June, 1617. In the Register he is called "Wise."

20 [Henry Newton and Anne Stagge]. Took place 27 June, 1617, at St. Mary Bishophill, Senior.


Thomas Smith, of Pudsey, par. Calverley, and Agnes Eltofts, of Baildon, Wid.—at Baildon.

George Yeadon and Jane Lambert, of Leeds-at Leeds.

Ralph Smith, of Bridlington, and Margaret Barnby, of Hovingham-at Hovingham.
Thomas Wood, of Dennaby, and Judith Williamson, of Bardsey-at Bardsey.
John Dobson, of Clitheroe (co. Lanc.), and Jane Holden, of Mitton-at Mitton.
Edward Thornhill, of Lythe, and Ann Watson, of Rosedale-at Rosedale.
Joshua Waterhouse and Martha Ramsden, of Halifax-at Halifax.

Henry Fowler and Agnes Wainhouse, of Skipton—at Skipton.

Francis Allanson and Bridget Carleil, of Leed-at Leeds.

John Tate, of Holy Trinity, Micklegate, York, and Elizabeth Thompson, of St. John's, Micklegate, York, Wid.-at either place.

Laurence Carleil and Dorothy Stubbin, of Pateley Bridge-at Pateley Bridge.

George Harrison and Ellen Anderson, of Cayton-at Cayton.

George Graven (sic) (? Craven) of Doncaster, and Mary Killam, of Balby, par. Doncaster at Doncaster.

Thomas Rawson and Ann Thrift, of Barnsley-at Barnsley.

James Emmett and Elizabeth Wilson, of Kildwick-at Kildwick.

Robert Elksley and Elizabeth Elliston, of Halifax-at Halifax.

Henry Smith, of Sherburn, and Lucy Castle, of Ledsham-at Ledsham.

Edward Leaning, of Drypool, and Cecily Thompson, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at either place.

William Hill, of Hampsthwaite, and Agnes Nicholson, of Ripley-at either place. Stephen Simpson, of Ingleby-Arncliffe, and Elizabeth Burne, of Tanfield—at either place.

Adam Winde, of St. Mary's, Beverley, and Ellen Browne, of St. John's, Beverley-at St. John's, Beverley.

William Stables, 21 of Batley, and Dorothy Beverley, of Holy Trinity, Micklegate, York. -at either place.

John Adams and Margaret Firnes (?), of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity, Hull. Abraham Sutcliffe and Mary Sutcliffe, of Heptonstall-at Heptonstall.

Richard Balby and Jane Hobson, of Lastingham-at Lastingham.

Francis Harrison, of St. Mary, Bishophill, Senr., and Isabel Harrison, of St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York, Wid.—at either place.

Francis Oglethorpe, of Felkirk, and Elizabeth Hepworth, of Kirkburton-at either place.

William Peck and Elizabeth Herbert, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity, Hull. John Dodsworth, of Bretton, par. Silkstone, and Jenet Hall of Silkstone-at Silkstone.

Peter Grange, of Ugglebarnby, and Margaret Grayston, alias Wildon, of Whitbyat either place.

[William Stables and Dorothy Beverley]. Took place 2 July, 1617, at Holy Trinity, Micklegate, York.

22 [Francis Harrison and Isabel Harrison]. Took place 5 June, 1617, St. Mary Bishophill, Senior, York.


George Fell, of St. Crux, York, and Ann Herbert, of Ripon at St. Crux, York.

Thomas Webster, of Morley, and Elizabeth Langfield, of Brestwell (Briestwisle), par. Thornhill- at Batley or Thornhill.

Matthew Powell and Dorothy Calverley, of Rodwell-at Rodwell.

John Carter and Jane Piers, of Ingleby-at Ingleby.

Edward Metcalfe and Elizabeth Gawston (?), of St. Mary's, Hull-at St. Mary's, Hull.

James Admirgill, of Leeds, and Ursula Ellis, of Rothwell-at Rothwell.

Alexander Hobman and Alice Todd, of Watton-at Watton.

Robert Butler and Elizabeth Smith, of Leeds-at Leeds.

William Huddleston and Catherine Paul, of Nafferton-at Nafferton.

John Sharpe and Elizabeth Stephenson, of Carnaby-at Carnaby.

Edmund Holmes, of Manchester, and Mary Tetlow, of Halifax-at Halifax.

Henry Deane and Elizabeth Bolton, of Bradford - at Bradford.

Thomas Mewburn, 23 of Middleton-Leven, and Elizabeth Smith, of Welbury—at Welbury.

Richard Bradshaw, Clk. A.M., vicar of Paul, and Alice Bellingham ? Beltingham, of Paul, Wid.-at Paul.

Robert Dixon, of Ripon, and Ann Poppleton, of Stainley-at either place.

Reynold Stubbs, and Elizabeth Clarke, of St. Sampson's, York-at St. Sampsɔn's, York.

Abraham Rawlinson and Ann Buck, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity, Hull. Ralph Baynes, of Baintham, and Margaret Banks, of Giggleswick-at Giggleswick.

23 Thomas Mewburne and Elizabeth Smith] of Welburie.

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