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Michael Kaye, of Holme, and Elizabeth Willey, of Sand Hutton, par. Thirsk, Wid.— at Sand Hutton par. Thirsk.

John Hinchcliffe, of Leeds, and Mary Nattall [qu. Nuttall], of Rothwell, Wid.—at Rothwell.

William Dobson and Isabel Gibson, of Easington-at Easington.

John Foster, of Royston, and Janet Denton, of Darton, Wid. ?-at either place. Francis Jackson, of Bramham, and Ellenor Reeve, of Sherburn-at either place. Philip Nesbitt, 74 Clk. A. M. and Elizabeth Hoyle-at St. Martin's, Micklegate, York. Barnard Wright, of Swine, and Ellen Meadley, of Hilston-at Hilston.

Robert Calvert, Clk., curate of Wilton in Cleveland, and Isabel Craw, of the said parish-at Wilton in Cleveland.

George Jackson and Jane Bird, of East Runcton, [Rounton]-at East Runcton.

Richard Walker, of Methley, and Joan Brooke, of Huddersfield-at either place. John Lee, of Howden, and Ann Rowdes? [Rodes] of St. Sampson's, York-at St. Sampson's, York.

Robert Procter and Alice Procter, of Horton-at Horton.

Robert Brabiner, of St. Mary's, Castlegate, York, and Cecily Firbank, of St. Crux, York at St. Mary's, Castlegate, York.

Robert Dickinson, of Fewston, and Margaret Browne, of Hunsingore, Wid.—at either place.

Ambrose Waddilove and Jane Child, of Darfield-at Darfield.

John Gilson, of Middleton, and Isabel Hodgson, of St. Margaret's, York-at St. Margaret's, York.

Thomas Moxon, of Leeds, and Ellen West, of Otley-at Otley.

William Hunter and Margaret Garthamn, of Huggate-at Huggate.

Matthew Cosyn, of Leeds, and Margaret Kitching, of Addle-at either place.

Robert Watson and Janet Watson, of Ripon-at Ripon.

Thomas Brookhouse and Ann Stott? [Scott], of Rothwell- at Rothwell.

Robert Popeley,75 of Woolley, Gen., and Elizabeth Wheatley, of Royston-at either place.

Thomas Wardropper and Agnes Thompson, Wid., of Ripon at Ripon.

John Shillito and Isabel Lambert, Wid., of Sandall—at Kirkthorp or Sandall,

Thomas Hodgson and Margaret Burton, of Ripon--at Ripon.

John Holme, of Ripponden, and Mary Firth, of Elland—at either place.

Samuel Firth and Susan Carter, of Huddersfield-at Huddersfield.

John Bingley, of Wakefield, and Rachael Thorold, of Whitkirk—at Whitkirk.

Thomas Dobson, of Rothwell, and Dorothy Clay, of Kirk Fenton-at either place. Paul Freeman and Ann Bowes, of Leeds-at Leeds.

74 Took place 30 April, 1616, at St. Martin's, Micklegate, York, of which he became rector, 7 July, 1614, but ceded it three years aft r, and was succeeded by John Bramhall, a native of Pontefract: Bishop of Derry, 1634; Archbishop of Armagh, 1660-1663.

75 Hunter (South Yorkshire II., p. 380) says he was aged 12 in 1585, and married, 7 Aug. 1620, Martha, daughter of Thomas Cutler. She was first cousin once removed of his brother in-law, Thomas Cutler, of Fieldhead.


John Catton and Margaret Jackson, of Brandsburton-at Brandsburton.

Nicholas Walton, of Broughton, and Elizabeth Wharfe, of Clapham-at either place.

John Howden and Isabel Waddington, of Mitton-at Mitton.

James Hall and Elizabeth Wroe, of Arksey-at Arksey.

Hugh Graves and Elizabeth Linley, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity, Hull. William Dawson and Elizabeth Womersley, of Leeds-at Leeds.

Thomas Pearson, of St. Michael's-le-Belfrey, York, and Mary Walker, of Stillingfleet— at St. Michael's-le-Belfrey, York.

John Morris and Margaret Sutton, of Ulrome, Wid.-at Ulrome or Skipsea.
Francis Creswick 76 and Elizabeth Hobson, Wid., of Ecclesfield-at Ecclesfield.
Robert Thompson, Clk., and Margaret Hudson, of Salton-at Appleton-le-Street.
John Sutcliffe, of Harewood, and Bridget Cooke, of Halifax-at Harewood or Halifax.
John Hotkinson, of Dunham,77 prov. of York, and Janet Harrison, of Gisburn-at

Robert Burdett, of Cawthorne, and Elizabeth Skipwith, of Royston-at Royston or

John Tennant, and Elizabeth Lodge, of Hubberholme, par. Arncliffe-at Hubberholme.

Henry Christolson and Margaret Smithies, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity, Hull.

John Foster, of Kildwick, and Margaret Netherwood, of Wiston ?—at either place. William Kettlewell, of Topcliffe, and Mary Booth, of Guiseley-at either place. Michael Sainter, of [Haddlesey, parish of Birkin], and Ann Cock of the same (sic) — at Hull.

Richard Adamson and Catherine Hawksworth, Wid., of Bradfield—at Bradfield. Anthony Batchelor, of Holy Trinity, Micklegate, York, and Margaret Dibney, of St Mary's, Bishophill? York-at either place.

Robert Floud and Martha Overs, of Burnsall-at Burnsall.

William Robinson, of Wragby, and Mary Carter, of Sandall-at Sandall.

Walter Cordingley, of Birstall, and Alice Whitley, of Royston—at either place.

John Wainwright and Ann Greave? of Sheffield-at Sheffield.

John Taylor, of Kirk Fenton, and Ellen Daniell, of Saxton-at Saxton.

Thomas Paul, of Little Usburn, and Jane Slingsby, of St. Michael's, Spurriergate, York at St. Michael's, Spurriergate, York.

William Scrafton and Alice Procter, of St. Sampson's, York—at St. Sampson's, York. Rowland Bennington, Gen., and Francis Knowles, of Preston-at Preston or Hedon. Francis Fawcett, of Rufforth, and Joana Simpson, of Askham Bryan, Wid.-at Rufforth.

William Lister and Mary Legard, of Bradford-at Bradford.

Took place 21 November, 1616. A. S. Gatty.

77This is more likely to be Downham, in the parish of Whalley, and county of Lancaster (Whitaker's Whalley, 1806, p. 286), than Down


holme, near Richmond. One Ultrid Hodgkinson was living at Slaidburn, the next parish to Whalley, in 1719, and one William Downham was parish clerk.

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Edward Sandall, of Calverley, and Elizabeth Saltonstall [of Halifax]-at Halifax. James More and Ann Mare, Wid., of Bilton, par. Swine-at Bilton, par. Swine. Christopher Billop and Mary Littlefair, of St. Mary's, Beverley-at St. Mary's, Beverley.

John Ray, of Fewston, and Frances Jackson, of Pannall-at Pannall.

Thomas Rhodes, of Guiseley, and Elizabeth Wilson, of Calverley-at either place. James Woodroffe and Ann Hawksworth, Wid., of Silkstone-at Silkstone.

John Lazenby, of South Wharram? Òwram, and Ann Weddell, of St. Michael's-leBelfrey, York-at either place.

John Leadbeater and Mary Braithwaite, of Thrybergh—at Thrybergh.

Thomas Procter and Elizabeth Hawson, of Horton-at Horton.

Richard Knowles and Isabel Hitchen, of Halifax-at Halifax.

Richard Manby,78 of Lund, and Elizabeth Barnes, of Middleton-on-the-Wolds-at either place.

Edmund Dolliff, of High Hoyland, and Ann Hobson, of Cawthorne-at either place. George Flinton, of Garton, and Alice Watson, of Hollym-at either place. Laurence Wilson and Elizabeth Ellis, of Arncliffe-at Arncliffe.

William Conway, of South Kirby, and Elizabeth Fange, of Kirk Sandall-at Kirk Sandall.

Nicholas Wheatley and Ann Charlesworth, of Darton-at Darton.

Daniel Pickles and Catherine Tetlow, of Luddenden, par. Halifax-at Luddenden. Edward Simpson, of Sherburn, and Jane Thackray, of Saxton—at either place. John White, of Lythe, and Margaret Coulson, of Egton-at either place.

William Draper,79 of Folkton, and Beatrice Whitwell, of St. Mary's, Castlegate, York— at St. Mary's, Castlegate, York.

Michael Bentley, of Halifax, and Agnes Roper, of Huddersfield—at either place. John White and Ann Long, of Guisborough-at Guisborough.

Thomas Emondson, of Goldsborough, and Elizabeth Cragg, of Harwood-at Harwood.

Richard Smith and Margaret Newell. Wid., of Ripon-at Ripon.

Richard Broxup, of Slaidburn, and Ann Frankland, of Giggleswick-at either place. Matthew Nelson, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Margery Toule, of Drypool-at either place.

Christopher Johnson, Junr., of Tickhill, and Sarah Fletcher, of Darfield, Wid.-at either place.

William Jackson, of Whitby, and Mary Smith, of Wilton, Wid.—at Wilton.

John Nicholls, of Elland, and Rosamund Paulden, of Halifax, Wid.—at either place. William Andrew, of Blyth, [co. Notts], and Susan Stubbs, of Aston-at either place. Richard Frankland, of Rilston, and Ann Carr, of Clapham-at Rilston.

78 See Dugdale's Visitation, 1665, p. 84. He was baptized 1 Feb. 1587-8, at Lund, and appears to have buried there a former wife, Alice, 27 January, 1615-6. She was daughter

of the Rev. George Barnes, instituted to the rectory of Middleton, 18 March, 1601-2, who vacated it in 1617.

79 Took place 9 July, 1616.


Laurence Stockdale, and Em Thorpe, of Helmsley-at Helmsley.

Thomas Pearson and Elliciam Watson, of Cropton-at Middleton or Cropton.

Valentine Speight, of Dewsbury, and Agnes Micklethwaite, of Thornhill--at eithe place.

John Dakins, of Sigglesthorne, Gen., and Jane Wray, of Mappleton, Wid.—at either place.

John Hewley, of Bishophill (wch.) York, and Grace Midgley, of Cawood—at either place.

Ralph Malthouse and Elizabeth Mattison, of Ripon at Ripon.

Robert Hick, of St. Helen's, Stonegate, York, and Joan Blackbeard, of Hovingham Wid.-at St. Helen's, Stonegate, York.

William Scholes and Janet Bussey, Wid., of Leeds—at Leeds.

Richard Nalson, Jun., of Normanton, and Thomasin Foster, of Rossington-at either place.

Thomas Thornton, of Calverley, and Mary Smith, of Guiseley—at either place.

John Westwood and Ann Wittendale, of Rilston-at Rilston or Burnsall.

John Craven, Clk. A.M., Vicar of Harworth, [Notts, dioc. York], and Dorothy Armytage, of Doncaster, Wid.-at Doncaster.

Christopher May and Margaret Holtby, Wid., of Swine-at Swine.

Nicholas Dunwell and Agues Tennant, of Rilston-at Rilston or Burnsall.

Thomas Levens, of Doncaster, and Clare Toppin, of Finningley, Wid.-at either place.

Thomas Hoylands0 and Isabel Shercliffe, of Ecclesfield—at Ecclesfield.

John Longley,80 of Tankersley, and Ellen Marshe, of Ecclesfield, Wid.-at Ecclesfield.

William Lister and Mary Taylor, Wid., of Bradford-at Bradford.

Samuel Hopkinson, of St. Michael's, Spurriergate, York, and Gertrude Duckworth, of St. Michael's-le-Belfrey, York—at St. Michael's, Spurriergate, York.

Henry Johnson, of Stokesley, and Elizabeth Harrison, of St. Leonard's, New Malton, Wid.-at St. Leonard's, New Malton.

Simon Maugham and Alison Thompson, of Linton-in-Craven-at Linton-in-Craven.

John Dinmoor and Jane Wilkinson, of Wath-at Wath.

John Mason and Jane Birkhead, Wid., of St. Mary's, Castlegate, York, Wid.—at St. Mary's, Castlegate, York.

Nathaniel West, of Weston, and Martha Heblethwaite, of Norton-at either place. John Bucks and Elizabeth Green, of Filey-at Filey.

Robert Netherwood and Susan Mason, of Guisborough-at Guisborough.

80 Both took place 4 August, 1616. See Gatty's Ecclesfield Register, p. 89.

81 Afterwards Sir John Buck, knighted April, 1617, died A. D. 1648. Dugdale's Visitation, 1665, pp. 1nd 70. She was daughter and heiress of William Green (second son of Thomas Green of Cawthorne by Alice Dyson) and Grace, daughter of John Harrison of Rud


ston. Her will is dated 28 Dec. 1668.
the children named in the Visitation, she had
Elizabeth, buried 1 September, 1674, at West
Tanfield, wife of Matthew Beckwith, of Tan-
field, and Frances, wife of Marmaduke Con-
stable of Wassand. She was buried 4 June,
1644, at Goxhill, and from her I have the
honour to descend.


Reginald Martin, 82 of Ross, and Ann Clerke, of Brandsburton, Wid.—at Brandsburton.
John Hunter, of Hartshead, and Mary Crabtree, of Bradford, Wid.—at either place.
John Utley and Mary Wiggan, of Heptonstall-at Heptonstall.

Nicholas Beilby and Jane Wheldale, Wid., of Tadcaster at Tadcaster.
John Hall and Pentecost Coniston, of Brougham, dioc. Carlisle-at Brougham.
Edward Green, of Silkstone, and Dorothy Hirst, of Darfield—at Darfield.
Josiah Bell, of Thirsk, and Ann Anderson, of Thirkleby-at either place.

Robert Tuke,83 of Riccall, and Margaret Hartforth, of Stillingfleet-at either place.
Thomas Pearson, of Eastrington, and Dorothy Hawksworth, of Bradford -at

Stephen Pickhaver and Jane Danser, of Gisburn-at Gisburn.

Joseph Saunders, of Old Malton, and Jane Taylor, of North Grimston-at Old Malton.

William Allerton and Elizabeth Butterfield, of Bradford-at Bradford.

Thomas Warde and Elizabeth Taylor, Wid., of Halifax-at Halifax.

John Baxter and Ann Hippon, of Birkin-at Birkin, or

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Richard Bell and Margaret Warde, Wid., of Rotherham-at Rotherham.

John Dishforth, of Beeston, and Alice Shervington, of Warmfield-at Warmfield. Nicholas Bramhall and Mary Shemell, of Sheffield at Sheffield.

William Ingram, of Leeds, and Alice Child, of Sandall-Magna-at Sandall-Magna. James Peek and Ellen Swayne, of Drypool-at Drypool.

Jerome Gibson, Clk. A. M., and Edith Hemingway, of Halifax-at Halifax.

John Crosley, of Penistone, and Jane Scott, of Tankersley-at either place.

William Roberts and Ann Roberts, of Swillington-at Swillingtou.

Robert Brearcliffe and Jane Burnley, of Bardsey—at Bardsey.

William Thompson, of Swine, and Elizabeth Stephenson, of Wilton -at Wilton [? Welton].

Abraham Slater and Elizabeth Hall, of Halifax-at Halifax.

Thomas Clarke, of Ulleskelfe, and Mary Sandiforth, of Holy Trinity, Micklegate, York -at Holy Trinity, Micklegate, York.

Gabriel Watkin and Dionis Revell, of Thornhill-at Thornhill.

Simon Britton and Ann Mayer, of Cowsby-at Cowsby.

Adam Hopperton,8 of St. Crux, York, Gen., and Lady Elizabeth Read, of Holy Trinity, Micklegate, York, Wid.-at St. Crux, York, or

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John Foster, of Ribston, and Alice Thorpe, of Poppleton-at either place.

William Doughty, of Barnby Dun, and Elizabeth Atkinson, of Hatfield-at Hatfield. Bartholomew Phillips, of Leconfield, and Ann Newark, of St. Nicholas, alias Holmechurch, Beverley-at either place.

Thomas Acklam, of Skipsea, and Mary Tutfield, of Hunmanby-at Hunmanby.


82 The Brandesburton Register says nald Marriott and Ann Clerke were married 19 August, 1616." See a note under the year


83 Took place at Riccall, 20 August, 1616 84 Took place 10 Sept. 1616.

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