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1609. Aug. 28, Lawrance Prestwood and Elizabeth Blithe.

1610. May 8, Richard, s. of Mr. Steven Prestwood, and Elsabethe


Oct. 10, Mr. James Casson and Mrs. Katerine Pecke. 1611. Aug. 22, Thomas Saltmarsh and Anne Gibson.

Oct. 14, Thomas Darnebrugh and Anne Butler. 1612. June 9, Walter Herrison and Everill Wilkynson. July 14, Christopher Harbart and Ellyn Graves. 1613. Feb. 24, Willm Collson and Marie Fulwood.

Ap. 8, John Robtson of Hessell and Marie Maleveray.
July 20, Christopher Storr and Margaret Mowne.
29, Steven Barnerd and Elizabeth Maleveray.

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Nov. 28, Peter Roose and Margaret Leckenbie.
1614. Jan. 23, Augustine Harrison and Margaret Danburgh.
July, James Carlell, goldesmithe, and Elsabethe Harland.
Aug. 15, Robart Herrison and Margaret Smithe. •

1615. Ap. 25, James Foxcroft and Ann Bernard.
1616. Jan. 9, Thomas Johnson and Frances Barnard.
May 1, Mr. John Mangham and Elsabeth Barton.
1617. May 12, John Harrison and Jane Bacon.

June 19, Edward Haddlesey and Ann Cowton.
Sep. 8, Willm Penrose and Prudence Pearcye.
Oct. 9, Philip Turritt and Ann Dyxson.

1619. July 22, William Prestwood and Jane Fidgitt.
Aug. 11, Christopher Shore and Ann Rakes.

Dec. 23, Mr. Robert Legaerd and Frances Johnson.

1621. Nov. 18, Mr. Robert Hemsworth and Mrs. Marie Robinson. 1622. Dec. 16, Robert Saltmarshe and Ann Holloe.

1624. Mar. 29, Mr. Barnard Smyth and Jane Field.

1625. Sep. 20, Mr. Wm Perkinson and Mrs. Katherine Smyth. 1626. May 4, William Saltmarshe and Elline Jefferson.

Dec. 14, William Crispine and Elizabeth Harrison.
1627. Feb. 20, Alexander Swan and Margaret Ramsden.
Sep. 20, Edward Haddlesey and Susanna Cooper.
Nov. 2, Abraham Marshall and Joane Baker.

1629. Aug. 6, Joseph Twisleton and Mary Mapples.
1630. Nov. 11, Jerimie Bladworth and Elline Robinson.
1631. May 11, John Swan and Frances Ramsden.
Dec. 1, John Watson and Joan Saltmarsh.

13, Sr Edward Munnford and Mrs. Anne Ferres.
29, George Saltmarsh and Dorothy Rakes.

1632. Oct. 11, Mr. William Taylor and Joan Lockwood.
1633. Aug. 5, Lyonel Catlin and Elizabeth Coultus.

Sep. 22, Robert Pelham and Elline Harlan.

Oct. 29, Mr. Leonard Barnard, Sheriffe, and Mrs. Elizabeth Lister.
Dec. 29, James Blades and Anne Marvell, in the Charterhouse

1634. Jan. 22, John Gooch and Ann Mather.

Oct. 2, Hosea Nixon and Mary Wrey.

Dec. 22, Steven Harrison and Easter Hopkinson.

1635. Mar. 22, Francis Mapples and Mary Woodmansey. June 25, Lawrence Booth and Elizabeth Jefferson.

1635. July 27, Robert Govre and Cecilie Empson.
1636. Jan. 3, Mr. Richard Sandwith and Mrs. Sarah Swan.
July 20, Tristram Conyers and Dorcas Greetham.

Aug. 14, Edward Haddlesey and Margaret Kelson.

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18, Edward Popple and Marie Marvell, at Chart' [house]. Dec. 12, Alexander Asbourne and Elizabeth Woodmansey. 1637. Ap. 18, Willm Fugill and Susanna Prestwood. Oct. 4, Ralph Haddlesey and Phillis Hunter.

1638. Jan. 19, Richard Ganton and Elizabeth Kirke.

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20, Edward Haddlesey and Elizabeth Trumbles. July 15, Robert Rose and Anne Eleven.

Oct. 3, John Harrison and Elizabeth Mather. 1639. Jan. 19, Gervisse Mering and Elizabeth Dooley. Feb. 17, Mr. Wm Maister and Elizabeth Richardson. June 27, John Crismus and Isabel Rakes. 1640. Aug. 9, Abraham Marshall and Francis Cooling. 1641. Jan. 10, Mr. Hugh Lister and Jane Smith. 1642. Feb. 2, William Blancherd and F Field (sic). 1643. 10, Ralph Haddlesey and Isabel Patis. 1644. Nov. 25, William Fugill and Mary Best. Sep. 22, John Foster and Ann Arlush.

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Mr. Henry Cop and Mrs. Ann Gooch. 1645. Nov. 18, George Worsley and Sarah Oliver. 1649. Jan. 7, Roger Newton and Ann Grimston.

July 19, William Carlton and Dinah Rawson.

1650. Feb. 20, Mr. William Ramsden and Mrs. Ann Hall, at Lowe Church both of this parish.

Ap. 18, Mr. Joseph Raikes and Mrs. Katherine Norcliffe. 1651. 10, Mr. Phillip Forde and Mrs. Isabel Kirle.

Oct. 23, Mr. John Shoart and Judith Sommerfield. Nov. 27, Mr. Joseph Custis and Katherine Haddlesey. 1652. Jan. 27, Mr. Richard Robinson and Sarah Addison. Feb. 27, Robert Ripley, Gentleman, and Elizabeth Chapman. Mar. 6, Henry Dalton and Susannah Wilkinson,

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Robert Scot, Marchant, and Vrsula Mallore.

,, 20, Edward Hailes, Marchant, and Barbara Thornton, widow. Ap. 29, John Blansherd and Ann Lillie.

Sep. 9, Phyneas Hogshon and Elizabeth Lambert.

1653. Sep. 26, Mr. Robert Robinson, Gouldsmyth, and Frances Hansley,


Nov. 18, Beniamin Carter and Obedience Northrop, d. in law to
Mr. William Gyfford, of Laughton in the morning (en le

1654. Feb. 8, Edward Chapman, Marchant, and Elizabeth, dau. to the Worshipful Nicholas Denman, Alderman.

Mar. 15, Anthony Lambert, Grocer, and Ann Saltmarsh.

May 11, Mr. Thomas Drewre, Draper, of York, and Rachel, dau.

to Mr. Robert Berear.

May 11, Marmaduke Pattison, Bearbrewer, and Jane, dau. of Mr.
Robert Ripley.

1654. May 15, Thomas Crosse, Gentleman at Armes, and Katherine


July 19, Thomas Moxon, Marchant, and Anna Baynes, of the
Parish of Wistow.

Aug. 28, William Thompson, Gentleman, of Humbleton, and
Frances, dau. to Mr. Henry Barnard, Ald.

Sep. 12, Mr. Anthony Welles and Elizabeth, dau. to Misteris

Dec. 26, John Catlyn, gent, and Rebecca Duglas, single woman. 1655. Mar. 2, Captin George Westby and Benedicta, d. to Mr. Joseph


May 29, John Green, mariner, and Prudence Northrop, d. in law
to Mr. Wm Gelford, dwelling at Laughton in the morning.
June 14, John Southerne, Marser, and Misteris Jsbell Orme, ċ. to
Mr. Robert Orme, Leaftenant Collonell.

July 19, William Trimmingham, of Fishlake, and Judith Best,

July 30, John Brooke, Marchant, in the parish of Birstall, and
Elling Coverdall, single woman.

Sep. 3, Michael Browne, Marchant, and Barbara, dau. to Misteris
Dorothy Parnell, of East Retford.

Sep. 11, Thomas Morley, Marchant, and Susana, dau. to John
Lun, in the parish of Hallifax.

Nov. 15, Thomas Best, Apothecary, and Mary, dau to David
Jackson, Mr and Mariner deceased.

1656. Jan., William Hansley, Merchant, and Jane Saltmarsh, widow. June 18, Lionell Buckle, Linning draper, and Elizabeth, dau. to Mr. Robert Beriar, Ald.

June 21, John Srivener, Gentleman, and Mary Norcliffe, Gentle


Aug. 12, Richard Sykes, Mariner, and Sarah, d. of Ann Hill,

Oct. 21, Steven Arlush, Minister of God's Word at Cawood, and
Rebecca Taylor, living with Mr. Robert Moore, Merchant.

Mr. John Hall, Marchant, and Mary Hollis.
Nov. Mr. John Osbolston and Mary Fisher.

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Dec. Mr. Edward Atkinson and Grace Peckit, widow.

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1657. Ap. 23, Mr. William Dawson and Elizabeth Newstead.

Ap. 29, Mr. Richard Elton, Collonell, and Mrs. Elizabeth Hollis.
May 5, John Frankland, of Beverley, and Margaret Milbourne
of this town.

Aug. 11, Mr. Richard Thompson and Mrs. Mary Taylor, widow.
Aug. 14, Mr. Marshall Ripley and Mrs. Grace Grimston.

Aug. 14, Mr. Thomas Moore and Mrs. Margaret Blaxton.

Sep. 1, Mr. Joseph Raikes, Marchant, and Mrs. Elizabeth Webster.
Dec. 19, Mr. Jonathan Stanniforth and Mrs. Dorothy, dau. to Mr.
John Shaw, Preacher of the Gospel in this parish.

1658. Feb. 1, John Field, Marchant, and Sarah, dau. to Mr. Robert Wood, of Monk Bretton.

Mar. 10, John Harrison, merchant, and Elizabeth, dau. to Thomas
Harrison, of Howden.

June 23, Francis Portington, coupar, and Susanna Taylor, widow.

1658. Oct. 12, Arnold Whiffen, Ensigne, and Elizabeth Prestwood, spr. 1659. Ap. 4, John Stancliffe, of Beverley, Ald., and Hanna, dau. to John Rawson, Gent.

May Mr. Mark Trichit and Prudence Green, widow.

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May 23, George Goulton, mariner, and Magdalen Arnold, kinswoman to Mrs. Lupton.

Nov. 24, Mr. Thomas Blount, Draper, and Mrs. Emit Wardell, widow.

1660. Feb. 18, Henry Maisters and Ann Raikes.

1661. Dec. 26, George Froggatt, merchant, and Eliz. Tripp, spinster. 1662. Ap. 2, Joseph Ellis, Draper, and Jane Buckle, spinster. 1663. Sep. 22, Robert Anbie and Elizabeth Newmarch.

1664. May 12, Andrew Perrott and Martha Vaux.

Aug. 4, Marmaduke Haddlesey and Grace Bowes. 1666. May 10, Francis de la Champe and Anne Bloome. 1667. June 15, Mr. Robert Waller and Mrs. Jane Rodgers. July 24, Isaac Marshall and Hanna Lockwood.

Oct. 27, Leonard Marshall and Katherine Sandy. 1668. Aug. 2, Alderman Wilson and Mrs. Alice Anderson. 1669. Aug. 17, Mr. John Jackson and Mrs. Elizabeth Burton. 1670. Jan. 19, Lyonell Ripley and Jane Moore.

July 27, Robert Spalforth and Jane Bell.

Sep. 4, Mr. William Catlyn and Mrs. Mary Mitchell. 1673. Mar. 2, Mr. Francis de la Champe and Barbara Pierson. 1674. May 7, Mr. Mark Kirkby and Mrs. Jane Richardson. 1678. Ap. 20, Moses Ashington and Lydia Moxon.

May 1, Mr. Benjamin Taylor and Mrs. Elizabeth Lister. 1679. Feb. 2, Nicholas Anderson, Vicar, and Rebecca Catlyn, widow. June 15, Mr. Edward Calverley and Mrs. Ann King. 1680. Feb. 17, Robert Ganton and Susanna Fairburn.

Ap. 29, Mr. Richard Ellis and Mrs. Dorothy Crowle. May 28, Mr. Richard Ogle and Mrs. Ann Pie, widow. Nov. 4, Mr. Wm Skinner and Mrs. Mary Fulthorp. 1681. July 25, Roger Dobson and Jane Ripley, widow.

Sep. 8, Mr. Richard Winchester and Elizabeth Woodhouse. Dec. 8, Mr. Anthony Lambert and Elizabeth Skinner. 1682. Oct. 26, Mr. John Skinner and Mrs. Mary Crowle. Nov. 2, Mr. Robert Mason and Mrs. Mercy Mason. 1683. May 16, Mr. Hugh Mason and Mrs. Ann Lambert. 1684. Feb. 16, Mr. John Sisson and Mrs. Ann Hardy.

May 7, Mr. John Lambert and Margaret Dewick.

1685. Ap. 21, Mr. David Lawthorpe and Mrs. Frances Robinson. Oct. 20, Mr. John Bower and Mrs. Lydia Skinner.

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Nov. 19, Mr. Erasmus Darwin and Mrs. Elizabeth Mason.

1686. Aug. 18, Mr. Benjamin Wade and Mrs. Hanna Blanchard. 1688. Ap. 29, John Bagwel and Elizabeth Surdibel.

1689. Jan. 10, John Ledgard and Jane Hilliard.

Jan. 23, Leonard Wilberforce and Dorothy Froggatt.
Aug. 1, Peter Skipwith and Susan Kettlewell.

1690. Oct. 26, Mr. Wm Robinson and Margaret Welfleet.

1691. May 10, Mr. Laurence Robinson and Mrs. Margaret Dickinson.

1693. Dec. 4, Mr. William Catlyn and Mary Watson.
1694. Feb. 4, Mr. Joseph Ferneley and Mrs. Sarah Maister.
May 29, Mr. Tho. Dowker and Mrs. Eliz. Hydes.

Oct. 31, Mr. Jonathan Tym and Mrs. Ante Booker. 1695. Oct. 17, Mr. Richard Mann and Mrs. Dinah Kirkby. 1696. Ap. 30, Mr. John Bew and Mrs. Anne Lee.

June 29, Mr. Chris. Tadman and Mrs. Anne Buckle. Oct. 8, Timothy Portington and Jane Robinson. 1697. Oct. 20, Mr. Tower Wallis and Mrs. Mary Robinson.

Dec. 16, Mr. Andrew Perrott and Mrs. Susanna Lambert. Dec. 16, Mr. Robert Ganton and Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson. 1698. Aug. 3, Edward Barnard, Esq., and Mrs. Sarah Tomlin.

Dec. 4, Mr. Robert Standidge and Mrs. Hanna Woodhouse. 1701. June 3, Mr. Joshua Scott and Mrs. Priscilla Marshall.

July 24, Mr. Thomas Broadley and Mrs. Agnes Carlill. 1702. Dec. 15, Mr. George Barratt and Mrs. Alice Baulk. 1703. Ap. 19, Mr. Thomas Scott and Mrs. Mary Richardson. 1704. Jan. 8, Mr. John Scott and Mrs. Ellinor Billington.

May 14, Mr. Mich. Beilby and Mrs. Dorothy Lambert. June 17, Mr. Joshua Ghest and Mrs. Sarah Clarke. Dec. 3, Capt. John Martin and Mrs. Hanna Herren. 1705. Dec. 30, Mr. George Dewick and Mrs. Eliz. Trewman. 1706. July 25, Mr. Joshua Hayward and Mrs. Elianor Calverley. 1707. Feb. 11, Mr. Richard Studley and Elianor Goundrill.

Mar. 3, Mr. Will. Walker and Mrs. Mary Ratcliffe. May 4, Mr. Will. Barton and Mrs. Margaret Usher. Dec. 18, Mr. Hugh Rochester and Mrs. Anne Purver. 1708. Ap. 20, Mr. John Craven and Mrs. Eliz. Delachamp. Dec. 15, Oly Stephen van Fyren and Mary Wormley. 1709. Oct. 2, Mr. Thomas Cook and Mrs. Mary Sellar. 1710. May 9, Mr. Will. Pearse, Clerke, and Cath. Peacock. May 15, Mr. James Leethat and Mary Cawood. 1711. Ap. 9, Mr. Wm Cornwall, jun., and Mrs. Anna Watson. July 4, Mr. Wm Burrill and Mrs. Margaret Carlill. Aug. 22. Mr. Wm Tennison and Mrs. Mary Robinson. Nov. 27, Mr. John Cornwall and Mrs. Mary Hydes. Nov. 28, Mr. Wm Wilberforce and Mrs. Sarah Thornton. Dec. 12, Mr. Francis Downes and Mrs. Eliz. Trippett.

1712. Ap. 22, John Saltinstall and Eliza Wilkinson.

Oct. 16, William Browne and Mary Allanby.

Nov. 27, Mr. George Ford and Mrs. Dorothy Etherington. Dec. 29, Mr. Arthur Robinson and Mrs. Mary Mason. Dec. 30, Mr. William Harrison and Mary Perrott. 1713. Jan. 28, Edward Alured and Mary Stead.

Ap. 9, Mr. Francis Pitt and Mrs. Eliz. Duncalf. June 18, Mr. John Wilkinson and Mrs. Elizabeth Banks. 1714. Ap. 11, Mr. Will. Coggan and Mrs. Mary Watson.

Dec. 1, Mr. Tristram Carlill and Mrs. Hanna Fowler.
1715. Nov. 3, Peter Skipwith and Ann Hansley.
1716. Feb. 28, Capt. Tho. Hooke and Mrs. Eliz. Hayes.

Mar. 11, Mr. Joseph Pease and Mrs. Mary Turner.
Ap. 16, Richard Pack, Esq., and Mrs. Mary Campbell.


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