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prises nave and chancel, each with aisles, a western tower and south porch. The tower is rather a fine one of three stages, with battlement and four crocketed pinnacles. There are angular buttresses and good gurgoyles. The west doorway has two orders of moulding filled with heads and pieces of foliage, some round, some square. Over it is a three-light window, the belfry window of two lights with transom. The south aisle and clerestory of the nave are embattled, the latter having crocketed pinnacles. The chancel and its chapels have plain moulded parapets. The porch is plain. The windows of the aisles are of two and three lights, some much mutilated. Those of the clerestory square-headed and late. The chapels of the chancel have externally something of the air of transepts, with gables. The arcades of the nave have something of an earlier character. On each side six pointed arches, rather low, with hoods, and very much like First Pointed. The piers are alternately circular and octagonal. Some of the northern capitals square, but most of them circular. The responds are curtailed shafts. The southern arches differ in their chamfering from the northern. The roof of the nave is panelled, with bosses at the points of intersection. Those of the aisles are low and flat ceilings. The chancel arch has continuous chamfered orders. There is a pointed arch upon octagonal shafts between the south aisle of the nave and that of the chancel. Between the two north aisles the arch has been removed, but the head corbels remain. There is a vestry eastward of the north aisle. The chancel opens to each aisle by one pointed arch on octagonal shafts, but not quite corresponding. The east window of the chancel is of five lights with mullions simply crossing, that at the east of the south aisle similar, of three lights. The north chapel has three light windows with straight arch, and of large size. The chancel has a flat open roof. The font is in the corner of the south aisle, and Third Pointed. The bowl octagonal, with starlike panelling, diminishing towards the base. It seems late. There is a large old organ. The pulpit bestrides the nave.

(To be continued.)

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Dec. 1, Thomas & Abigail, children of Marmaduke Haddlesaie.

1584. Oct. 11, Anne, d. of Edward Saltmarsh.

1587. June 4, Jane, ye D. of no man it dyed.

1588. Dec. 18, Elez, D. of Mr. Heugh Armyn.

1589. June 29, Henry, s. of Wm Maleveray.

1590. Dec. 2, Elizabeth, D. of,,

1594. May 26, John, ye S. of Maister Thomas Bate, of essenton (Easington).

1595. Aug. 2, Judithe, ye D. of William Maleveraye.

Sep. 20, Thomas, son of Thomas Bate.

1596. Sep. 8, Joyce, dr. of

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1599. May 13. Alexander, s. of Thomas Swan, Merchant. Nov. 15, Blaz, s. of Mr. Thomas Baate, gentleman.

1600. Ap. 6, Thomas, s. of Mr. Robert Fowbery.

Dec. 29, Francis, s. of Mr. Thomas Bate.

1601. Feb. 20, Henry, s. of Robt. Herryson, merchant.

July 8, Robert, s. of Mr. Robert Fowberry, scolem".

1602. June 9, Mighell, ye S. of Mr. Willm. Mitchell, "ye Mr. of the

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1605. Nov. 10, Clare, d. of Mr. James Beste.

1606. Feb. 7, Marye, d. of Mr. Willyam Maleverer.

1607. Dec. 23, Leonard, s. of Master Thomas Bate, gen.

1608. April 17, Thomas, s. of James Beste.

May 7, Lawrence, s. of Ezechias Prestwood.
Oct. 22, Armitage, d. of Edward Prestwood.
29, William, s. of William Maleveray.
1609. Jan. 27, Cutberd, s. of Lawrence Prestwood.
May 3, Christofer, s. of Mr. Thomas Bates.
Aug. 19, Anne, d. of William Beste, Surgeon.
Oct. 19, Christopher, s. of Robt. Herrison, merchant.
1610. Jan. 19, John, s. of James Beste, Poticarie.
Dec. 8, Sarah, d. of Mr. William Maleveray.

1611. Jan. 11, Ann, d. of Mr. Thomas Bate, gent.
Nov. 16, Robert, son of Thomas Saltmarche, sailor.

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23, Marmaduke, s. of Mighell Haddlesey, merchant.

1612. Barnard, the sone of Robert Smyth, bap: the third day of March Ano. Dni. 1612, the wch Robert was the brother of Mr. Barnard Smyth, Alderman of Kingstone, sup: Hull.

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Aug. 29, Anne, d. of Widow Maleveray.

1613. Oct. 31, William, s. of Peter Poore, mercer.

Nov. 20, Mary, d. of Mr. Thomas Bate, Gent. 1614. June 8, Robert, son of Robert Herrison, merchant. 1616. Feb. 21, John, s. of Mr. Ric. Perrott, Preacher. 1619. Nov. 28, Christopher, s. of Anthonie Best. 1620. Feb. 28, Dinah, d. of Anthonie Best.

1622. May 27, Thomas, s. of

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Nov. 18, Jael, d. of Mr. Joel Gascoyne.

1624. Mar. 24, Barnard, s. of Mr. William Haddlesey.

1626. July 5, Alexander, s. of Mr. Philip Wright, alias Wretham

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4, Margaret, d. of Mr. Coniston Wrightington.
1632. Feb. 20, Frances, d. of Richard Best.

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Oct. 15, Hugh, s. of James Best, Junior. 1637. July 19, Leonard, s. of Cuthbert Prestwood. 1638. Jan. 4, Lawrence, s. of 1639. May 13, Munson, s. of Munson Harrison. June 27, William, s. of Thomas Saltmarsh. 1642. Aug. 10, Isaac, s. of Abraham Marshall. Nov. 9, Judith, d. of Richard Best.

24, Susanna, d. of George Best.

1643. May 4, Barnard, s. of Thomas Saltmarsh.

July 17, Dorothy, d. of Mr. Christopher Legard. 1644. May 14, Nathaniel, s. of Mr. Francis Bointor. 1645. Sep. 29, John, s. of Mr. John Mauleverer. 1646. July 2, Thomas, s. of Thomas Saltmarsh.

Baptisms wanting from 1651 to 1653. 1654. Feb. 5, Cornelia, d. of Mr. Cornelius Prowle, merchant. 1657. May 24, Susanna, d. of Mr. Wm. Charnelhouse.

Dec. 23, Francis, s. of Mr. Martin Frobisher.

1662. Dec. 12, Jane, d. of Nicholas Anderson, housewright.
1663. June 23, Jane, d. of Mr. Thomas Style.
1668. Aug. 12, Ann, d. of Mr. Christopher Hillyard.
1671. April 5, Robert, s. of Mr. Christopher Hillyard.

May 22, William, s. of Mr. John Catlyn, Minister. 1674. April 15, Christopher, s. of Christopher Hilyard, Esq. 1675. Mar. 31, Sarah, d. of Mr. Richard Kidson, Lecturer. May 19, Hester, d. of Christopher Hilyard, Esq.

Oct. 18, Penelope, d. of Mr. Henrie Holme, Minister. 1676. July 16, Bartholomew, s. of William Saltmarsh. 1680. April 28, Abraham & Isaac, sons of Abraham Marshall. 1691. Dec. 12, Elianor, d. of Mr. Wm Crowle.

1692. Nov. 22, Edward, s. of Mr. John Bower.

1693. Oct. 5, Richard, s. of Mr. Wm Crowle.

1694. Ap. 23, Henry, s. of William Dawson, Esq.

June 13, Tabitha, d. of Christopher Sykes.

1696. May 21, George, s. of Wm Crowle.

1697. Oct. 29, Ann, d. of Christopher Anby.
1698. June 8, John, s. of John Feather.

1699. Aug. 2, Richard, s. of Mr. Wm Crowle.
1700. June 23, Thomas, s. of Cyriac Weslid, Esquire.
1701. Mar. 5, Richard, s. of John Feather.

1703. Dec. 21, Vigorous, s. of Lievt. George Edwards.
1708. June 19, Frances, d. of Mr. Edmund Merrick.
1709. Aug. 18, Margaret, d. of Mr. WTM Ashmole.
1711. 22, Rosamond, d. of

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1556. June 28, Robert Barwick and Em Waddie.
1558. Jan. 17, Thomas Hogg and Marie Dalton.
1561. Oct. 31, Roger Mounton and Alice Rosse.
1562. Jan. 18, John Stott and Maister Jopson puella.
June William Byssecle and Elline Hail.

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1565. Aug. 21, Edmond Latham and Elline Alred.

Oct. 16, William Ellis, clarcke, and Margrett Riddall.

1566. Feb. 11, John Rawlane and Jane Herryson.

Dec. 2, Thomas, son of William Kente and Anne, uxor Joseph

1567. Jan. 26, Christopher, son of William Herryson, and Eliz., d. of

Thomas Clarcke.

1568. Jan. 24, John, s. of William Fisweke, and Anne, d. of Robert Dalton.

Ap. 14, John, son of William Woodmansey, and Eliz., d. of Robert

May 23, John, son of William Harrison, and Jane, d. of John

Sep. 13, William, s. of Thomas Mounsie, and Anne, nuper uxor
William Normavelt.

1569. May 23, Arter, son of William Johnson, and Juliana, d. of Robert Proudfellow.

1570. Feb. 25, William Waddington and Mary Gaiton.

Ap. 3, John, son of Thomas Hemslaie, and Eliz., nuper uxor
Richard Hesslewood.

Aug. 14. Thomas, son of William Wraie, and Joane Poskitt,

Nov. 28, Christopher Legerd, generosus, and Jane Parkin, vidua.
Dec. 3, David Harison and Isabel Tailer.

1571. Jan. 28, William Maister and Margaret Kirkbie.

June 14, George Hogg and Margaret Archer.

July 30, Marmaduke Haddlesaie and Elizabeth Gaiton.
Sep. 16, Robert Haryson and Margaret Day, vidua.
Nov. 5, Xpofer Haryson and Thomisina Edwardes.
Thomas Stringer and Jane Settles.

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1573. Feb. 9, Robert Kirckbie and Elizabeth Harrison.
June 11, William Fleming and Margret (sic).
Aug. 16, Paul Hogg and Ellin Tell.
Nov. 23, Thomas Scoles and Mary Nailer.

1574. Nov. 28, Robert Haryson and Jane Haryson. 1575. Ap. 4, John at Marr and Christiana Whanley. 1576. Feb. 20, Edward Thornton and Elline Gaiton. May 24, George Adwick and Jane Carlill. 1578. Aug. 11, George Twisleton and Anne Alredd. 1579. May 11, Richard Percie and Anne Magham. Aug. 3, John Hemslaie and Joan Dowlie.

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John Symson and Claire Stanhopp.
5, Henry Fulwood and Mercie Bentlaie.
Richard Prestwood and Mary Reade.

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13, Francis Wormlaie and Margaret Wakefielde. 1581. Oct. 22, Laurance Collinson and Anne Saltmshe. 30, Edward Saltmsh and Anne Rotherforth. Nov. 6, Robert Gaiton and Elizabeth Lynne.

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1582. Jan. 21, Hugh Armyn and Elizabeth Bennyngton. 1584. May 14, George Preston and Margret Harison. 1585. Sep. 19, William Gentleman and Jane Calvard. 1586. Nov. 6, Charles Thompson and Jane Constable. Sep. 20, John Modie and Jane Persey.

1587. Aug. 28, Robert Trimyngham and Margaret Nicholson.
Oct. 10, Richard Blawe and Aune Saltmarsh.

1588. Ap. 22, Richard Haryson and Margaret Hopkinson.
May 6, Marmaduke Adlesaie and Anne Fawne.
Aug. 19, William Pate and Grace Saltmarsh.
1589. Feb. 10, James Normavell and Margaret Thornsby.
May 30, James Haryson and Anne Nicholson.

1590. Jan. 17, Pawl Barwick and Jane Read.
1591. June 14, James Armine and Elizabeth Mitchell.
1594. Jan. 26, Noah Haryson and Elizabeth Clarcke. ¡
June 3, Thomas Haryson and Annes Hall.

June 26, Anthoni Haryson and Suzana Morton. Sep. 24, William Saltmarsh and Susanna Caverde. 1595. June 29, George Pease and Anne Trimmingham. 1596. Feb. 2, Hugh Foddell and Rebecca Loggan.

July 19, Robert Raakes and Elizabeth Carlell. 1597. Jan. 16, Edward Harryson and Mary Cockerill. 1599. Mar. 4, Willm Herrieson and Eliz. Tindell.

June 11, Edward Copplaye and Jane Garratte.

1600. Ap. 28, John Lard and Alles Estofte.

1601. Dec. 7, Robert Smarte and Mawdlen, d. of Peter Crew, Merchant. 1603. Oct. 20, Christopher Hogg and Jane Smartfoote.

Nov. 17, Barnard Rosse and Anne Carlell.

1604. Sep. 14, John Prym and Elizabeth Walker.

Oct. 15, John Cockerler and Grace Nicksonne.

1605. Feb. 21, Mr. Thomas Brockelbanke and Anne Palmer
Aug. 11, Robert Marcam and Ellis Movnte.

1607. Jan. 13, John Ramsden and Margaret Barnard.
Feb. 11, Michael Hadlesay and Ellyn Phillipes.
1608. Feb. 4, William Hadlesay and Joan Barnard.
Feb. 20, Josyas Herryson and Jane Jackson.
Ap. 9, Henry Wray and Margaret Reddett.
1609. Aug. 9, Richard Prestwood and Sarah Fulwood.

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