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January 1894 by the Archbishop of York in person. Inducted 13, and read himself in on 14 January.

There was a Chantry in the Church of Pocklington, at the Altar of St. Mary the Virgin, founded 1302. Only two chantry priests are recorded, Sir William Brown, who died, and 27 November 1545 Sir William Mudy or Moodie who was the last, as chantry priests were abolished in 1547. He died 2 January 1548. (See Testamentary Burials.)

A Guild was founded in this church 1514 by Archdeacon Dowman, an account of which is given under Pocklington School at the end of this account of the Church.

The Registers begin in 1559, and are contained in 19 volumes, of which the two oldest are on parchment. No gap occurs, and with very few exceptions few exceptions they are legible throughout. The earliest volume contains baptisms, marriages and burials from 1559 to 1711. On the flyleaf is :"The Register Book of ye Parishe of Pocklington written by John Dobson minister. 1600.

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"Received of Thomas Hawkyard and John Williams fourthy shillinges for writinge this Regester Book in parchmente anew for fourthy and two yeares of the reigne of our Sourain Ladye Elizabeth.

"by me John Dobson."

On the back there is a fulsome notice of the Coronation of James I at Westminster, July 29. 1609; and these entries

Richard Cowland, of Flaxington a vagrant was whipped at Pocklington upon Monday the 9th of July anno 1666.

March 4. 1642. Executed in the markt for a witch Petronel Haxby the smith's wife.

May 13. 1677. Collected yn ye Church six shillings fower pence for one Nichola Christopherus a Gracian who had His Maties Credentiall, &c., for ye redeeming his son and bror out of Captivity.

Nov. 27. 1703. A Great Storm.' 12 of His Majesties Shippes sunk, 8000 seamen drowned. Atte Yappa ye old oak was uprooted near St. Nicholas his chapple along with many great trees far and near. Mr. Wilberfosse was killed atte Meltonby by the fall of a tree there. Episcopus Bath and Wells killed in his bed. Ye lightho on ye Rock Eddystone clean washed away along with Mr Winstanley ye designer and builder.

16"So when an angel by divine com


With rising tempests shakes a guilty land;

Dec 10. 1703 Johannes Moor. Vic.


(Such as of late o'er pale Britannia


Poem. Battle of Blenheim, Addison.


1602. May 1. Pade Master John Scaif for repair Ducking Stole 6d. Walker Sluggs for whipping doggs 4d.

1603. Elizabetha Regina Obiit 23 martij año dom 1602. Ann Regni 45. Jacobus Rex proclamata Londini martij 24 añ dom 1602. Ebōr 27 martii. Poclingto 29 martii.

Coronatus fœliciter Westmonast' Juli 25 anno dom 1603.
Mestoris annos vinat. valeat. regnet. floreat. 1603.

1608. John Thompson natu maximus was buryed the 2 day of Januarie.

1630. Old wife Green burnt in Market for a witch

Francis Bland.17

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March 3.

1631. Sept. 29. Here begins the sickness of the plague. (49 burials are recorded as due to it.)

1632. July 26. Here by the Goodness and Marcy of Almighty God the sickness of the Plague ceased.

1643. March 24. Thomas Dobson bewitched. was buried.

1644. "Bellum." (Battles of Marston Moor, Selby, &c. Sieges of


1654. Thomas Reede and Jane Gautresse were marryed the first day of July before Richard Robinson Esq. one of the Justices of peace for these parts in the presence of Robert Reed father of the sayd Thomas, and Thomas Smeethman, the younger son. (5 similar marriages are recorded.)

1660. Charles II. proclaimed London 8, York 11, and Pocklington 12 May.

1664. June the 5th. A collection made in the parish church of Pocklingto for the rebuildinge of the church of Witheham wherof was 58. 6d. delivered to Willia? Cuminge deputed collector.

1678. July 28. Now follow the Burialls since the Act for burying in Woollen only took place.

The list contains 48 names with the dates when the affidavits wers brought.

1679. May 29. Perused by us :-John Stapylton, Rich. Robinson, Will. Bethel.

1673-4. William, son to Alice Allen was bap. y 12 March. Alice did public Penance for this birth.

Carolus secundus (Beatissimae memoria Rex) Στέφανον αμάραντίνον accepit Feb. 6. 1684.

1684. James II. proclaimed London 6, York 10, Pocklington 11 February.

1704. Robert Dolman, Esq., had a son born June 23rd, of whose name Robert hee gave notice within the time limited by the Act of Parliamt.

1708. Thomas Sixton & his wife Joan did publickly in ye church repeat ye Declaration of Penance for ante-nuptial fornication, & likewise Katherine Snow for simple fornication both on the same day by an order from Dep. Registr Clapham.

17 At York Spring Assizes, 1649, Isabella Billington, aged 32, was sentenced to death for crucifying her mother at Pocklington on 5 January, 1649, and offering a calf and a cock as a burnt

sacrifice, and her husband was hanged for being a participator in the crime. -Twyford's Records of York Castle, p. 177.

1709. Feb. 8. Thomas, Base son of Elizabeth Harrison and John Hosdale, was baptised whom the Queen's Act of Grace exempted from doing public Penance.

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1711. Oct. 10. John Base son of Jane Ffallowfield baptised-who went away before the time of churching to escape doing of Penance. Feb. 20. A Daught" of Mr Wm Appleton's a Presbyterian Recusant & Schismatick who was putt into the Grave wthout ye Burial Office because they could not prove the child to be baptized by a church of England Divine.

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March 15. Mary Linton, a reputed Papist, buried.

25. Jan. 13. John, son of John Windus, buried. Killed by the fall of a Tree."

1732. Sept. 23. William Bibbins, fell down dead upon ye Common, buried. 1733. April 10. Thomas Pelling from Burton Strather in Lincolnshire, a Flying Man, who was killed by jumping against the Battlement

of ye Choir when coming down ye Rope from ye Steeple (was buried).

1736. Jan. 26. Robert Linton, a Popish Recusant buried.

1737. March 10. Jane, wife of Robert Taylour, a Popish Recusant buried. 1748. Nov. 2. Mr George Lee, shot dead in his Mill, buried.

Eugene Aram executed at York for ye foul murder of Dan' Clarke of Knaresborough yesterday. Done 15 years previous. Tuesday, August 7. 1759. Mich: Lythe Curate.

1774-75. Jan 1. Francis Smith Butcher who was murdered in a most cruel manner & robbed at 6 o'clock on Thursday Morning before, near Kexby Turnpike. (buried).

From 1779 to 1812, the various "Distempers" which carried people off are stated. Small-pox was prevalent from 1796 to 1807. Among the diseases are :-A Nervous Fever; Gout at Stomach; a Worm Fever; Dry Gripes; Missals; the Evil; Convulsion Fits, &c., &c.

In 1806 there are several entries of baptisms in the parish where the rite was administered by Roman Catholic Priests.


3 April 1494. 24 Feb. 1542.


(Torre's MS., Peculiars, at p. 683, et seq. 18)

Thomas Chalmer of Pocklington made his will (proved
17 January 1397) whereby he committed his soul to
God Almighty, St. Mary and All Saints, and gave
his body to be buried in the Chappell of St Mary on
ye south side of ye church of Pocklington.
Robert Ashe, (will proved 14 May 1494) "to be buried
in the Church of All Saints of Pocklington."
Isabell Bland, Meltonby (will proved 21 July 1543)

"to be buried in the Church of All Hallows of Pock-
lington, and bequeathed 4d. to the Vicar for Tythes

18 With respect to proving wills Pocklington is a peculiar under the jurisdiction of the Dean of York. The earliest will extant is said to bear the date 1610. A few of the wealthy would be proved in

the Prerogative Court, and the earlier ones (says Dr Collins) are not in existence. Whenever possible I have added dates of burials from the Registers.

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Thomas Burton, Pocklington.

Robert Turner, Pocklington, butcher (proved 25 June 1545).

Agnes Garland, Pocklington, to be buried besides her

Robert Harper, Pocklington, husbandman, (proved 11
June 1545) to be buried "before St. Nicholas'
Closset, and bequeathed 10d. for a Trentall of Masses
to be said for him."

Agnes Foster.

Robert Pickering.

Nicholas Chapell, Pocklington.


William Dowman, Pocklington, to be buried "
the place where his father, mother, and Elizabeth
his wife lye buried."

John Warde, Pocklington, to be buried "before the

William Moodie, Pocklington made his will giving his
soul to God Almighty, St. Mary, and All Saints, and
his body to be buried in the parish church of All
Hallows in Pocklington, before ye Ladye Altar. (He
was the last Chantry-Priest.)

Robert Wood, Pocklington.
William Bagbie, Pocklington.

Ann Butcher, Pocklington, (proved 25 Aug. 1558).
John Reynard, Pocklington, (proved 18 April 1554) to
be buried " near to the place where Will Dobson is


William Turner, Millington, (proved 31 Jan. 1553) to
be buried "in his parish church of Pocklington."
Thomas Lambe, Pocklington, husbandman, (proved 28
Dec. 1555.) to be buried "on the east side of Bar-
wyke Isle."

John Martin, Pocklington, to be buried "in ye myd
Isle besides Alyson his wife."

Edward Hewatson, Pocklington, (proved 17 Oct. 1556).
Jane Dowman, Pocklington, widow, (proved 4 Oct
1557.) to be buried "next unto her good man with
mass and dirige."

George Rawling, Pocklington, butcher, (proved 10 Jan.

Richard Plaxton, Pocklington, butcher, (proved 14
March, 1557).

Elizabeth Hedley, Pocklington, widow, (proved 11 Oct.

Nicholas Watson, Pocklington, (proved 14 March

Edward Said, Yapham, (proved 19 Dec. 1558).
Adam Lockwood, Pocklington, (proved 12 Aug. 1558).
Jannett Lawson, Pocklington.

John Hixton, Pocklington, husbandman, (proved 14
April. 1559).

1 Mar. 1558.

9 Oct. 1559. 21 Mar. 1560.

2 Apr. 1560.

19 Aug. 1560.

18 Feb. 1560.

6 Jun. 1583. 26 Sept. 1584.

18 Apr. 1585.

9 Aug. 1586.

26 Aug. 1586.

28 Apr. 1587.

7 Oct. 1587.

Michael Wilson, Pocklington, husbandman, (buried 5
March; proved 13 April. 1559).

Jane Watson, Pocklington, (proved 15 June 1560).
Christopher Smith, Waplington, husbandman, (proved
2 May. 1560).

Thomas Haxby, Pocklington, (buried 6 April; proved 16 April 1561).

George Jackson, Pocklington, (buried 24 August; proved 23 Dec. 1560.)

Thomas Fell, Pocklington, (buried 29 Feb., 1560; proved 16 April 1560).

Thomas Gibson, Waplington, (proved 16 June 1583). John Plaxton, Pocklington, yeoman, (buried 14 Feb. 1594; proved 27 March, 1594).

Christopher Jobson, Pocklington, (buried 26 May 1585;
proved 18 Feb. 1586), to be buried "in ye Isle
next ye Organs where his father was buried."
Thomas Roper, Pocklington, (buried 7 July; proved
18 Aug. 1585).

Will. Sanderson, Pocklington, maltman, (buried 23
March; proved 4 April, 15871).

John Williams, Pocklington, (buried 31 Aug. 1586;
proved 28 Sept. 1588).

James Wilson, Pocklington, (buried 4 May 1587; proved 26 Aug.).

John Sotheby ye younger of Pocklington, husbandman, (buried 9 Oct.; proved Oct. 1587) to be buried "besides his wife Barbara."

13 Feb. 1587. Thomas Beverley, Pocklington, gent. (buried 14 Feb.; proved 23 Feb. 1588) to be buried "where his executors please."

12 Mar. 1587. Lawrence Harte, Pocklington, husbandman, (buried 22 March, 1588; proved 28 March), to be buried "near his seat."

21 Mar. 1588.

13 Jun. 1588.

2 Aug. 1588.

25 Mar. 1589.

19 Jul. 1589.

5 Jun. 1590.

5 Mar. 1590.

John Richardson, Pocklington, (buried 24 May 1588; proved 27 June).

William Wood, Pocklington, maltman, made his will,

(buried 4 Sept. 1589; proved 22 Dec. 1589) giving his soul to Jesus Christ his Saviour and Redeemer, and his body to be buried in ye church of Pocklington, near his seat.

Anne Appleyard, Pocklington, widow, (proved 23 Sept. 1597).

Thomas Dolman, Pocklington, (buried 31 March 1589).

John Lambe, Pocklington, husbandman, (buried 5 Oct.;
proved 22 Oct. 1590.

Alexander Dobson, glover, (buried 25 June; proved
28 July 1590).
John Hudson, Pocklington, blacksmith, (buried 13
April; proved 9 Sept 1591) to be buried "
John Dobson's Grave."

near to

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