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Also a son

aged 64. Elizabeth, his wife died Nov. 16. 1868, aged 86. and two daughters died of Typhus Fever:-Wm Feb. 4. 1847, aged 30; Mary, wife of James Coverdale of Millington, Feb. 16, 1847, aged 32; Elizabeth, wife of John Pickering, of Smylett Hall, March 16, 1847, aged 40. George Clarkson, their son died May 20, 1866, aged 51.

Hamond Bagley died at York, Nov. 12. 1825, aged 17. Mary Hargitt died at Edinburgh Nov. 27, 1847, aged 37. Hannah Hargitt, their mother, died at Edinburgh, Oct. 17, 1849, aged 66.

In memory of Thomas Shield BD late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, 41 years Master of Pocklington Grammar School, who died July 1. 1848, aged 82 years. At his own cost in Chancery he caused the illegal leases of the School Estates to be set aside and increased the rent tenfold.

South Aisle.

Mary Dewsbury died Oct. 4. 1846 aged 75. Mary Gardam, adopted daughter of Thomas and Priscilla Johnson, died Dec. 25, 1846, aged 27. They are interred in the chancel of this church by permission of Robt. Denison Esq. the lord of the manor.

Crest. An arm embowed, the hand grasping a spear propper.

Arms. Azure, a pale gules between two garbs or, over all a bend or charged with a mullet sable and two annulets gules.

Motto. Favente Deo, nil timendum.

Note. This is meant for Johnson, and is very much mixed, being most likely the work of some local painter who knew nothing about heraldic tinctures.

Robert Catton died June 19. 1822. Elizabeth, his wife, Nov. 15, 1842. Also their off-spring John, Robert, Richard, George, James, James Harrison, and Emily together with Wm Rex their grandson. All interred here. Elizabeth Rex buried in St. John's Church-yard, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Erected by their son, Wm Catton of York.

North Aisle.

Seth Stables died Aug. 28, 1830, aged 54. Mary, his wife, died Nov. 3, 1848, aged 74. Erected by their daughter Bessy Harrison. Nathaniel Holmes of Pocklington interred in the centre of this church, died April 26, 1835 aged 62.


Here lyeth the Body of John Dobson, Parish Clerk 51 years who succeeded his Father, Grand-Father in the Office, and whose Great Grand Father was vicar of this Church. He was a man diligent in his Office, faithful to his Masters and courteous to all Men. He dyed Feb. 25. A.D. 1730, aged 80.

North Transept.

James Silburn, died Feb. 8, 1829, aged 65. April 25, 1844, aged 70.

Hannah, his widow,

Thomas Scaife jun died July 5, 1859, aged 53. Rachael, his wife, Oct. 4, 1861, aged 63.

Walter Staveley of Pocklington, gent, died Feb. 23. 1780, aged 79. Alice, his wife, died April 26. 1773, aged 63. Erected by their nephew Walter Staveley of Beverley.

Crest. A hart's head cabossed or.


On a chevron between 3 lozenges sable as many harts' heads erased or. (Staveley.)

In St. Nicholas' Aisle.

In memorial of Kingsman Baskett, Clerk, formerly Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, 53 years Master of the Free Grammar School in this place, who died April 11. 1807, aged 85. He was the youngest son of Samuel Baskett, vicar of Shapwick, Dorsetshire.

On a Brass.

+ To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Cuthbert Wayland Joyce who entered into rest on May 30. 1890, aged 13 years. This brass was erected by his school-fellows.


Within the Sacrarium.

Under this stone lyeth interr'd Elizabeth, relict of Thomas Lusher late of Leighton, Bedfordshire, gent. who died 6 Sept. 1730 aged 72 years.

On the south side also of this stone lyeth interr'd Thomas, son of the said Thomas and Elizabeth Lusher who died 24 of July, 1727, aged 30 years.

Chancel Floor.

Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Hannah Stephenson late of Beverley who departed this life the 30 of May, 1831, aged 77.

Here lieth inter'd the body of Edmund Creadock, Gent, who departed this life the second day of Feby 1736, aged 36 years. Also of Ruth his wife who died the 18 of March, 1762. in the 62nd year of her age, and of two sons who died in their infancy.

Near the foot of the pulpit is a flat stone measuring 6 feet 4 inches long, 2 feet 3 inches wide at the top, and 1 foot 10 inches at the bottom. It used to be in St. Nicholas' Aisle, and near it was found a skeleton with a token fast in the left orbicular socket. The stone is fractured across its lower third. It has a floriated Latin cross on three steps cut into its surface, and round the edge

Wie jacet dña Margareta Esingwald qua'ndã pîrissa hujus loci cujus obitu erit xxix-die ceptēber-anno-dñi-M-Ceece-xii.


There was a Margaret Esyngwald prioress of Wilberfoss Nunnery, five miles west from Pocklington. She held the office from Dec. 6, 1479 to Sept. 29, 1512, a period of nearly 32 years, when she resigned, her successor Elizabeth Lorde being confirmed prioress on Oct. 18, 1518. I have no doubt

4a The will of a Margaret Esingwolde, made April 15, 1513, was proved at York Aug. 28, following.

this was her tombstone, and it is the sole remanet of the Benedictine Nunnery of St. Mary of Wilberfoss. from whence it must have been brought, and it states the day when her obit shall be commemorated: viz. 29 September.

Floor of Nave.

Arthur Henry son of Edward Bentley and Georgina Slater. He died August 2, 1852, aged 4 months.

Maria Voore Filia Rich: Langley ar: ob: 22 Jan. 1675.

(The Langleys were then living at Owsthorpe, in the parish of Pocklington.)

Next this is a stone but the inscription is almost hidden under a pew. Nathaniel Holmes of Pocklington, Attorney-at-law, died April 25. 1835, aged 62. Edwin Holmes, his youngest son, died April 13. 1843, aged 27. Matthew Holmes gent of this Town died 16 Nov. 1826. aged 82. Francis Richardson late of St. Nicholas House in the suburbs o the city of York died April 22. 1833 aged 46. John Briskham jun late of St Nicholas Place died Aug. 1. 1840 aged 31.

Elizabeth wife of Thomas Knowlton Wilson died Sept. 13. 1828 aged 37. Thomas Knowlton, their infant son, died Oct. 13. 1824. Margaret, their infant daughter, died Sept. 13, Robert Wilson died April 9, 1820, aged 80.

Dec. 22, 1821, aged 76.

Seth Stables died Aug. 28. 1836 aged 91. 1818, aged 71.


Elizabeth, his wife, died

Mary, his wife, Nov. 3.

William Clark, late of Hayton, died March 7. 1825, aged 68. Ann, his wife, died Nov. 12. 1841, aged 86. Thomas, their son May 21. 1849, aged 55.

Christopher Kettlewell died March . . . aged 28 years. Ann Kettlewell his mother died April 28, 1800 aged 73. Thomas, his father died Jan. 15. 1815, aged 95.

Joseph Kettlewell, Pocklington, died March 9. 1814, aged 48. Margaret his wife Sept. 16. 1815, aged 48.

Ann Martha, daughter of Richard and Ann Donn, died May 25, 1835, aged 10.

Mary Hessel, wife of Robert Hessel of this town, draper, died June 17. 1811, aged 74.

At the east end of the nave there is a stone partly under a pew. The inscription is in Latin-hopelessly worn, only 2 or 3 words are legible.

On the floor of the North Transept are a few broken slabs with fragments of inscriptions.

North Aisle.

Henry Beal son of George and Mary Beal died 13 Dec. 1794, aged 9 months.

South Transept.

Here lieth the body of Mr. C..

Here lieth the body of Mr James Black[beard].

A large blue stone with the matrix of a cross in the centre, and around the edges a matrix for a brass border.

South Aisle.

Solomina Frances Ellis died March 1, 1850. aged 12.

Kate, daughter of James Francis Ellis, clerk, vicar of this place, and Jane Dobson his wife, died Feb. 7. 1848, aged 8 months.

their infant son, died July 3. 1849.

Floor of Lady Chapel.

John Henry,

Here lyeth the body of Miss Anna Marie Prickett, daughter to Robert Prickett of Wressell Castle, Esqre, who died September ye 9th, 1661, aged 3 months.

Here lyeth the body of Mrs. Mary Prickett, wife of Robert Prickett,* of Wressell Castle, Esqre, daughter to the Right Honourable Marmaduke Lord Langdale, Baron of Holme who departed this life the 4th day of September Anno Domini 1678, aged 48.

Arms. Or, on a cross azure quarter pierced of the field four mascles or, Prickett, impaling Argent, a chevron between three cinquefoils gules. Langdale.

Here lyeth the body of Miss Lennox daughter of Robert Prickett of Wressell Castle, Esqre, who departed this life the 15th of Novr, 1673, aged 17 years.

Near this is a stone with the matrix for a shield and brass-both of which are gone.

Close to is another stone, the inscription all broken up. There are several inscribed stones covered by the organ. They were formerly in the chancel and sacrarium, and when removed no copy of the inscriptions was made.

Here lieth the body of John Baker, A.M. Master of the Grammar School in Pocklington and vicar of Hayton and Beilby, who departed this life January the 18th, 1739, aged 50 years. Also of Ann, his wife, daughter of John Harvey Esq. Merchant of Norwich who died October 8th 1739, aged 50 years. Also three of their children, Elisabeth, John, and Harvey who died in infancy are interred here.

(Rev. John Baker, bur. Jan. 22; 1739-40. His wife, Oct. 11. 1739; Elizabeth, Oct. 15, 1731; John, March 5. 1732; Harvey, Aug. 21, 1736. -Pock. Registers.)

Burials inside Pocklington Church were discontinued by an Order in Council, 30 January, 1856.

On the north wall of the north transept there is a very fine Renaissance monument, richly coloured. The tablet is white marble.

5 The Pricketts lived at Allerthorpe. Sir Marmaduke had been created Baron Langdale of Holme-on-Spalding Moor by Charles II. for his gallant services in the Civil Wars to the Royalist cause. Holme is about seven miles from Allerthorpe, and between the two families there was some feud as Mr. Marmaduke

Prickett in his will dated Sept. 23, 1652, disinherits his son Robert "if he takes to wife one of the daughters of Sir Marmaduke Langdale." In spite of all the marriage came off, and in addition to the above we find from the Registers, "Robert Prickett, Esqre., from Wressle Castle buried March 7. 1701."

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